We're inducing today!

OB says the baby is a big one. The last one was 9.5 pounds and Lady Chance is a slight little thing. So two days before the due date we’re inducing.

Wish us luck, kids.

Good luck! You are a proud dad! I hope everything goes perfect! Good luck!

I think I’d have issue with a 9.5 pound baby, and I am considerably larger than Lady Chance. All the best, and we can’t wait to meet Miss Gwendolyn!

Bonne Chance mon ami. :slight_smile:

Wishing all parties have a healthy delivery.

Fingers crossed, good vibes on their way.

Hope everything goes smoothly and ends happily!

A nine plus pound baby? Your wife deserves a medal of valour! I had an itsy bitsy 5.4 one and thought I was dying (he was a month early).

Your wife has all my admiration and respect.

Good luck with the new squirt:). Oh and Congrats.

squeeeeeal this is so exciting!!

B’Sha’a Tovah!

(Hebrew for “Good Luck,” of sorts)

Wishing you luck!

May the delivery go well, and the baby be born healthy.

Yay for babies!!!

Good luck to Lady Chance and the baby!

Good luck to the Chance family!

Let us know how it goes.

Haha if 9.5 is a big baby, then I feel terrible for my mom. My brother and I were both 10.10.
Anyway, good luck with the baby! Sending good vibes your way!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

::::Throws confetti::::::::::::

Yay for Lady Chance!

My condolences to Baby Kate and her slice of pie getting smaller.

Was their a final decision on the name? Did I miss the memo?

I believe they decided on **Last **Chance.


Gwendolyn was it? (From Ginger’s post.)

Good luck, and happy pushing!

My son was 9lbs 6oz (he stayed in an extra 10 days just to get pudgy!) so I feel your pain! We were in a room with a 5 lb-er…made my son look like a 5 month old!

My lord, already? Time does fly.

Good luck and congratulations!

Any news?