The Spare Heir Is On Its Way

Kate and Wills are expecting the arrival of bub #2 imminently (for those who don’t know who I’m talking about, they’re a lovely English couple from a long running reality show). I don’t know if there’s time for much of a guessing pool, but feel free to weigh in here with your gender and name guesses.

I’m guessing girl - Victoria Elizabeth Frances.

If it is a boy, my name guess is Henry Charles Albert.

Give us your best guess! Winner gets to brag someday that they named the King’s sibling.

these colonials have too much (internet) time in their hands.

Saturday night at home with the kids… Whaddaya gonna do? :slight_smile:

Anyway, time’s up. It’s a girl!

Dammit, I was logging in.

Anyway, I vote for Charlotte Alexandrina, same as last time. Maybe Mary at the end there.

Jane Matilda Marie

My money’s on Victoria Diana

Moonboat Tipsey Figleaf.

Charlotte Elizabeth is my guess.

North Apple Pilot Inspektor Moxie Crimefighter.

Elizabeth Betsey Beth Betty Liza Lou

Victoria Elizabeth is my prediction.

They have a boy and a girl, and she was sick as a dog with both. Think there will be a third?

Kate’s Mom is Carol Elizabeth, so they could name her after Grandma and still make Great Granny happy. I predict a “Diana” in there somewhere, though not as a first name.

Princess Crystal Amber Tiffany Heather.

Princess Peach.

Throat warbler… ah, never mind.

I’m in the minority, but I hope not.

Tarquin Fintim-Limbim-Whimbim-Lim Bus Stop-F’Tang-F’Tang-Olé-Biscuit-Barrel

(sorry,… but somebody had to say it)

I think we underestimate how much William and Harry idolized their mother.

I bet they’ll name her Diana. With maybe an Elizabeth or a Victoria thrown in there for good measure.

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Or Alice Mary Philippa. Or Serena Jane Charlotte Winifred after in honor of a certain parent with excellent taste in names.