Go see David Sedaris. Right now.

As I mentioned last week, I had a ticket to see David Sedaris tonight.

Absolutely hilarious!!

He read stories about his younger brother: being born and getting married. He read poems about dogs.

The best story was about Christmas in the Netherlands, or “6-8 Black Men”. He had the audience almost in tears.
If you get the chance to see him live, do it!

No. He’s annoying and not funny. If I get a chance to see him dead, I’ll do that though.

Soooooo…you DON’T like him then?

I like him a lot, and he was here on Long Island last Friday. I found out much too late and wasn’t able to go. I really would have enjoyed that, hmph.

I went to one of his readings and he was sooo funny!

Glad you got a chance to see him, I highly recommend it!

I love when people take the time and the effort to post in topics that they don’t care about. Don’t you?

I missed him due to financial difficulties, but I really love his books and especially his self-read audiotapes.

I have four tickets to see him on Oct 31 in Palo Alto CA.

They are a present to my best friend who is a huge, huge fan. She is of course required to take me and my partner.

I’m glad to hear that my suspicion is confirmed, and this is going to be the Best. Present. Ever.

I have a bunch of his pre-published manuscripts. But then, he has a bunch of mine.

Oh! Oh! He’s going to be speaking at my school in a few weeks! I’ve already got my free ticket, and this makes me look forwards to it very much.

Naahh, I can’t fault anyone for it. I love to do it myself! Just think of it as a message from the alternative viewpoint.

As for D. Sedaris, I have read Naked about 50 times through and nothing else. His books are not readily available here, but I wish they were. I like his balance of humor and humanity, if that’s alright.

I’m very jealous.

Did you know that the chick from Strangers With Candy is his sister?

Yeah, that’s Amy Sedaris. She’s going to play the role of Jerri Blank in the Strangers With Candy movie. For all you Daily Show addicts, Stephen Colbert stars in both.

I just saw David Sedaris tonight. I’m walking on air! Probably the funniest 90 minutes on my life. The stories he read for us were different, although he did conclude with the poems about dogs. He told a story about Halloween a day late, drowning a mouse in a bucket, peeing into a bag, and I think another than has slipped my mind. He said the mouse one was unfinished, but it was probably my favorite.

My friend and I waited in line after the show for an hour for him to sign our copies of “Me Talk Pretty One Day.” About two people in front of us, the coordinators or whoever whispered something to him. We were told that the union (I’m at school) had to close in 15 minutes, so he couldn’t personalize the books anymore. He still signed our books and chatted with us (although not as long as the previous people, of course). He was incredibly apolegetic and sincere. I can’t get over how nice he is! He said he loves book signings and wouldn’t have minded doing a three-hour signing.

Sigh. I already can’t wait to see him again.

My wife and I saw him a couple of months ago. Just wonderful.

BTW, during that appearance, he recommended to everybody a book (or more accurately, he came just shy of demanding that we all read it), and for the life of me I can’t recall what it was or who wrote it. I just know it had a red cover with maybe a picture of a young woman on it. :rolleyes: <— I’m not usually the stupid guy who’s the bane of booksellers everywhere.

Anybody who saw him more recently, did he do this again, and do you remember what it was?

The book he recommended this time was called “Birds of America,” but I don’t know who wrote it. It didn’t have a picture of a woman on it, though.

I think this was it.

He is coming to my school on the twenty-ninth! I am so excited. The New Yorker is never so good as when it has a Sedaris story in it.

Humor is a personal thing. Anyone who equates having a speech impediment with being homosexual, and actually intends for this observation to be humorous, has a sense of humor that isn’t going to entertain me much.


I can’t believe this. According to his website he’s going to be doing readings for a week in MY BEST FRIEND’S CHURCH?!?! I might actually have the inside track on something super cool!

Mr. Blue Sky: Go Carolina.

I read Barrel Fever, which is quite funny. But the funniest thing I have ever heard from him was a reading he did on NPR once, about taking guitar lessons. He related how all he really wanted to do as a kid was sing like Billy Holliday, and would practice by singing advertising jingles like Billy Holliday. He does an incredible impression. Anyway, his father sent him for guitar lessons. His teacher was a sullen dwarf, but after many months he built up trust and decided to reveal his ambitions to the guitar teacher, who needless to say was unimpressed. It was hilarious.