Go Sens Go!

Make some noise for the boys!

Didn’t we have a poster named as per the OP?

13 minutes to go. 2-0, Leafs.

Go Leafs Go!

Uh, huh.

3-0 Leafs


At least Alfie gave Domi a gift that will keep giving for the rest of Domi’s life. Not that Domi could get any uglier… :slight_smile:

I wonder how this would have turned out if Chara wasn’t injured. Oh well, the leafs could say the same thing about Sundin and Tucker…

At least there is a Canadian team in the quarter finals. Go Canada! Bring the cup home!

WOOT! Way to go Leafs!

(OK, I am a Dallas Stars season ticket holder, and they sucked this year, but I have a good friend from Toronto, so I adopted them for this year’s playoffs…)

I am so completely impressed how they did not let injuries get to them at all. And Joseph played really, really well…
I, for one, am looking forward to a Leafs-RedWings final.

I love the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Dear Toronto Fans and Leafs alike:

Screw Canada up, and we’ll burn you down 1812 style!


What? Bring in the British to kick some American butt while we watch from the sidelines? How would that help?

Leafs, for the sake of all residents in the Hartford metropolitan area (yeah, we have one), kick some Carolina ass. They don’t deserve a banner. They deserve nothing but shame for abandoning us. Go Leafs!

Toronto will screw up. They do it all the time! Beat the Sens and lose the next round worse than a soccer match between France and Montserrat.

But they’re our last hope to bring the cup to Canada… so I’m a little split.
Hey hey! Ho ho! Tie Domi has gotta go!

Maybe they will screw up…but you guys dropped the ball first. :slight_smile: