Go to Hell, Allen Theaters

After number one, two and three seem trivial since you wouldn’t be going there anyways. :smiley:

Try this one on for size:

Me and wife go to the Mega-Cineplex to catch the opening of Harry Potter 4. I even make sure to bring cash since I’ve been screwed over on that before. Stand in the looong line (which is no problem since it is opening weekend after all) and the guy sells me tickets then asks if I need any “concession bucks”.
“No” I reply, figuring I don’t even know how much I’m going to spend at the concessions or if I even want anything. Why buy $10 in concession bucks and spend $8.75.
Get inside, and wife wants popcorn and a coke. I’m safe I figure since I got cash in my pocket. Go up, order a popcorn and coke, hand her a $10 bill, and…
“Sorry, we only accept concession bucks.”
“What the??? Can I buy some here?”
“No you have to get those at the ticket counter.”
Turn around and look at the loooong line I just got out of.
“Just forget it.”