God Bless the Grateful Dead

The Other Ones, comprised of the surviving Dead members and a few others from their extended family, are on tour.

Last night I caught their show at the Spectrum in Philly. In this thread, I asked people what they thought might be played, and I promised to tell 'em all about it when it was done.

Well, I have no voice. And I want to get the complete setlist off dead.net before I give an actual review, but lemme tell ya -

It was GREAT.

It was a lot like the old days, which did surprise me. They played a lot of “Jerry” songs, too. It was a wild, raucous time, a lot of fun.

Didn’t much like Robert Hunter trying to sing during intermission, but that’s why we have an intermission. :wink:

Anyway, as soon as I get the full set list, I’ll go into more detail about it. Should be soon.

I am going to the Palace of Auburn Hills (suburban Detroit, where the Pistons play) show this coming Saturday!

I am looking forward to Robert Hunter’s set. I saw him in Ann Arbor a few years ago, and I really like his solo acoustic takes on the songs he wrote the lyrics to.

Oh, and isn’t my user name a total giveaway that I am a Deadhead?

MSG tomorrow. Saw them in Albany last week. I thought that they sounded better than they did in the mid 90’s. I’m praying for Unbroken Chain.

Since I presume the reason for a name change was that without the late Jerry Garcia, they couldn’t really claim to be the same band, I was disappointed that the remaining Dead members didn’t tour as The Living Dead, and call their tour the “Night of the Living Dead” tour.

No, I haven’t seen 'em, but I’m not a big concertgoer.

I gotta tell ya… If you’re a fan of Hunter as a musician, maybe you’ll love it. But to me, he just screwed up the songs. Most people were outside when he performed, I think.

But he DID do “Ripple.”

jehovah68: I finally got to hear my first live Unbroken Chain at Pine Knob this summer, done by Phil and Friends!

One that I would love to hear is Robert playing Phil Ochs’ “Crucifixion.” I have really been listening to a lot of Ochs lately, and this song is one of my favorites. I hear that he has played it in the past.

I’ll be there tomorrow at MSG. Looking quite forward to it.

I thought I’d wait until the list was online so I didn’t have to rely solely on my memory…

Set list from November 24, 2002, at The Spectrum in Philadelphia

Set 1: Jam > Liberty > *Cosmic Charlie > *Queen Jane Approximately > %Hoy for You Baby > Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl > Caution: Do Not Stop on Tracks > Jack Straw

Set 2: @Uncle John’s Band > *@Playin’ in the Band > *@Scarlet Begonias > *@Fire on the Mountain > Drumz > Space > +Mister Charlie > *I Know You Rider > *Midnight Hour

Encore: The Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)

  • Susan sang lead

@ Bob on acoustic

% first time

(I guess “Hoy” should be “Hot” - I’m taking it directly from Phil’s site. Never heard it before)

It was an inspired performance, one of the best I’d ever seen - although I hadn’t seen them a LOT in the day. Very energetic when it was supposed to be, and the Scarlet>Fire combo was excellent, as was the Uncle>Playin’. Also a fantasic cover of In the Midnight Hour.

And I was a little surprised to see them do Golden Road as an encore. Fantastic!

Albany was great, MSG was even better. Not having back-to-back-to-back shows at the same venue prohibits a more definitive opinion of the band. However, I noticed something in Albany that I couldn’t quite put my finger on - after hearing Good Lovin’ at the close of the first set at MSG I realized what it was. Susan Tedeschi. Vocally, the band had a more melodic sound to my ears. Lovelight to close the show was simply fantastic (w/Warren Haynes & Derrick Trucks).
Plus, the Shakedown in NYC - “don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart” - perfect.

Susan Tedeschi - much, much better than Donna Jean.

You mean the “Dreadful Grate”?