God but I'm boring and in need of a life

You see, this spring our beautiful young river birch seems to be infested with spiny witchhazel gall aphids. Last week at the farmer’s market the League of Women Voters were handing out nice little containers of ladybugs, which everyone KNOWS love to eat them aphids, oh yes.

So for the past week I have had a little cup of ladybugs sleeping in my fridge. One of those nice little clear cups identical to and right next to the cups of salsa from the Mexican takeout. Every other night or so around twilight I have been looking forward to heading out back, hosing down the tree, and carefully placing ladybugs on the leaves.

I’m getting pretty good at it - it’s not as simple as you might think.

Last night I was appreciating my handiwork and enjoying watching my little warriors heading out up and down twig and stem to do battle, when I realized that the percentage of folk whose idea of a good fun evening was peering at ladybugs at close range was probably low indeed.

Anyone want to share their personal pleasures that would make the vast majority of folk say, “You enjoy WHAT? Get a LIFE!”

Eh. WHen I was a lad, I spent entire summers crouching over ant nests with a magnifying glass.

Nuttin’ wrong with that. :smiley:

And if you focussed the sun just right …

Oh, that wasn’t what you were talking about?

When I was a child, I did childish things.
Now that I am a man - well, I still do childish things.

In my extremely humble and well balanced opinion, nothing is quite as mature as realising you need a little enjoyment in your life. And then doing something about it.

As long as your “fun” does not harm or encroach on the rights of others, go for it.

The ladybug thing is a little weird, tho…

Well, compared to watching 4 hours of something you won’t remember next week, day in and day out for your whole life…

One of these days I should really do an Elvis on my TV set and go watch bugs on twigs or something. Probably be better for me…

Anyone seen the remote?


My wife and I have taken to watching our new kitten climb up our walls. We live in a modern log home. In fact, little Minmei is about ten feet off our floor lookiong around. Seems it’s her favourite thing to do. My dog just sits there looking up at her in utter disbelief that his stardom was taken over by something he could swallow in one bite.

Then again we do a lot of projects around our house. A few months ago I posted a thread wanting to know how to make a medieval long bow. That was fun, now my wife and I have two longbows, of which one can be used as my wife can not pull her’s back. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the ladybug thing is weird at all.

I love sitting on my back porch at night with a fire and a beer, watching lightning bug with my wife.

Hey, Phlosphr, I’ve been considering doing some boying mysef. You have any handy links or such to give me some basics?

And yes, Dinsdale I most certainly did mean I crispified the little buggers.

Gordon ask and ye shall receive:

Check here and here for how-to’s and equipement. It’s really fun. We made our own arrows and everything. We are not hardcore SCA’s either. Actually we are not at all affliated with SCA.

Let me tell you those bows shoot so damn strait and strong. They’ll go through a 4 inch sapling.

Can you link me or email me? I wanna know, too…

For lack of anything better to do, last night I helped stack 200 bales of hay.

Saves me a trip to the gym at least.

I alphabetized my CD collection last night, then color-coordinated my sock drawer. Woo Hoo!

That tears it. C’mon, Dinsdale, let’s go find us some highway litter to pick up. Good times.

I color coordinated my CDs and alphabetized my socks.

This has been a rather boring day so far.

Better to sort by alphabet than by aroma.

By the way, do you put the White Album and The Black Album side by side, or on opposite ends of the spectrum?

I have two White Albums, no Black Album, and not a single Beatles CD - all vinyl.

Yes, I still use vinyls. :slight_smile:

That only makes me like you more. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

My biggest problem, though, is that I now (ok, close to a year now) live in an apartment and i can’t play some of these of these albums at their optimum sound pressure level.

I mean, come on, early Heart, all David Lee Roth era Van Halen, and Dwight Yokum needs to be loud.

Fortunately, I picked a very old and well built complex (small complex, big units, maybe 40 total) and none of my neighbors have yet complained. I’ve even asked the nonagenarian living underneath my place if I’m too noisy. “You mean someone lives upstairs?”

Not bad, but I miss having a house. Had to do it, though. We’ll see what the next year or two brings me…

Dinsdale, you are killing bugs and you think people here wouldn’t agree that it’s a fun and exciting way to pass the time? How long have you posted here?

  1. I take the time to competely clear an Etch-A-Sketch board about 3 times a year. It takes many hours to do this to my satisfaction, I would estimate about 100 or more.

  2. I write down the definition to a “useless” word everyday. I try to go after stuff that no one ever uses. Yesterday was Parasympathomimetics. I know I will never use it, but…

  3. I have a list of flavors from our local ice cream eatery, and I cross them off every time I get a new flavor.

  4. I study world capitals almost everyday. Even though I already know them all.

  5. I constantly repeat the order of the presidents in my head, as well as all the combinations of 1,2,3,and 4.

  6. I spend way too much time writing about useless info. on the SDMB!

Are you kidding? The simple pleasures are the best. I enjoy working around the house. I’m putting an addition on. That’s what I do. I love to tinker. I once spent an entire afternoon trying to start a fire with a stick, a knife and a piece of string.

What it comes down to is ‘No time is really wasted’ you do things because you want to or need to. And the line between want and need is blurred.

Okay, help me out here…

I can see the stick and the piece of string (new improved string! now in respendent shorter lengths!), but how does the knife fit in this equation?

Real question, btw.

'Cause I’ve done the stick, string, bark, dry grass thing before. Works better if it’s all soaked in lighter fluid or 151 Bicardi, but that’s cheating. What do you use the knife for?