God but I'm boring and in need of a life


I practice memorization techniques. I can memorize and receite back a shuffled deck of cards in about 20 minutes. I also know about 400 digits of pi.

No, no, no.

For a truly enjoyable ant experience one must purchase a little bottle of Terro, put a few drops on a little piece of cardboard, and watch.

For hours.

And add more Terro as needed, just to watch those little bastards eat and DIE.

<insert insane cackling here>

I hate to break it to you, Dinsdale, but those lady bugs are one of the biggest hoaxes in biological control. They’ll sit around on your tree and munch a few aphids for a few hours–or maybe even a whole day–but then they’ll disperse. They don’t do diddly squat for lasting control of aphids.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

You just did!

Scribble - I’ve heard all that, and wouldn’t have bought the buggers (or is that debuggers?) but they were giving them away at this farmer’s market.

I had previously been hosing the aphids off with a strong jet of water. But there were so many ladybugs in the container, that I have been able to release a bunch every other day or so. And I keep checking, and there remains a pretty heavy level of ladybugs on that tree. One of them - I’ve named him Trevor, seem to recognize me …


i’d love to have the time to spend my evenings like that.
I’m a thorough nature lover, and i’d be in to natural pesticides (like the ladybugs).

too bad I live in the city and have no garden to speak of.
Have to get myself a job doing something with nature.

sick of office jobs

Hey elfje - you’ll be happy to hear we invested in a hammock yesterday. Work, work, work. When will it ever end. Time for another nap?

My daughter has a little pot full of grass, which she enjoys giving haircuts.

And I have been really getting into planted aquaria lately. So don’t let the asphalt keep you from the jungle.

Dinsdale, I think you and norinew need to get together to go bowling:


I took Friday afternoon off from work. It was a beautiful day–sunny and cool with just the right amount of wind. I shut the curtains, turned on my PC and taught myself to program in PHP. Keep in mind, I do web stuff at work as well. I’m hopeless. :rolleyes:

I actually clean the house for fun. I really enjoy it.

That’s pretty sad, isn’t it? :smack:

We watch the chickens run around behind the poultry fencing.
Pretty thrilling, huh?

I’m organizing the recipes in my cookbooks - so that the next time I have orange juice left over, I can quickly look and see what I can make with it. This is taking time - and I actually want to geek out and create a relational DB for it!


I don’tnow…

Watching barn yard fowl sword fight might be pretty fun.

That is what you meant by “poultry fencing,” right?