I'm bored of being boring.

Monty Python has done numerous sketches about me, most notably this one. The Police have written song about me, maybe two (upon hearing it my oldest, who remembers the manic rage days, turned to me and did the point and laugh thing). Problem is, I know I’m boring, I know why I’m boring (collossal risk aversion & general pessimism), and…I mean, let the jokes fly if anyone has even read this far. But in all seriousness, how does a mid-40s guy get out of a rut and do something worthy of memory?

Figure out what you’d like to be remembered for and do that. With the understanding that’s it’s probably too late to become an astronaut or invent the internet. Hell, most of everything has been done before anyway. Just live you’re life and try to worry less about what you “should” be doing.

BTW, who told you you were boring? Dump 'em.

You of all people to ask me that… The soul crushing witch (who I did in fact dump, so, good advice). But even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

The usual answer (and it’s the usual answer because it often works) is to get involved: tutor a kid, go to town meetings, volunteer for something, read to the elderly at nursing homes, etc.
Don’t let them kill the fireclown again.

A couple of common ways:

  1. Get an automatic weapon with a high capacity magazine.

  2. Help someone in need.

That was then and this is now; Put the past in your behind.

Hey, me too! (Genuinely happy for you, mate.)

Someone told me once that only boring people get bored, so based on your thread title I’m not sure I can help you here.

Weird Paul feels your pain: Could We Be So Bored?

The most boring people I know talk about themselves or others incessantly. I know plenty of other people who percieve themselves as boring but may only be boring because they are keeping the wrong company. Be yourself, if you are not received well then find groups you do have things in common with.

Whether or not that was intentional I take that as a well-deserved barb. I do tend to bleat more than I should around here. Ironically, I don’t say much IRL outside a professional capacity specifically because I’d rather remain silent and be though a fool, etc.

Volunteer. Find something that interests you, maybe in an arts/culture field, and go hang out with other people who like that thing as well. I don’t have any particular talents myself, but I spend my time working and volunteering around people who do and I seem interesting to others by association (quite a feat for an accountant).