Horribly overdone, but boredom does take its toll! Ask the M8B!

I know that the whole “ask the Magic8ball”, or in other cases,
The Gay Guy, has been done many, many times, but I’ve found myself with a large amount of time on my hands, no books, and a pissy computer. And so I ask myself, what can I do to elevate my boredom, and at the same time,
Help people? Because, you know, if there’s one thing I love to do, its To be helpful. :smiley:

So, ask me your questions. While I’m not wise beyond my years, as there’s only 15 of them, I can garantee that I’ll give 101%, and I’l try my hardest to bring you “the truth”. Or my version of it, anyways.

And Esprix I promise I’m not trying to take any of your glory. I’m just not that kinda person. Honest.

So, ask away!

I have a Magic 8 Ball here at my desk. It says we’ll win the lottery. :slight_smile:

The lottery, eh? Well, you know, some of those plastic m8b’s have been known to lie… But It could happen. I wish you luck.

Thank you. I wonder why all the townspeople are gathering rocks…?

You don’t wanna know.

Is WeirdDave really a dorkwad?


I will have you know That I am personally related to WeirdDave…
My answer is Yes. Oh, GOD yes.

Is this really going to elevate your boredom? Or will it alleviate it?

Sorry… I’m a horrible speller, but I DO try… Besides, I think that “elevate” looks and sounds better.

Dear Magic8ball,

How is it that you can give 101% all the time? Doesn’t your d20 with the answers get worn out faster that way?

  • Curious in California

m an overacheiver, what can I say? I aim to please. And MY d20 is insured, so I can always get a new one.

Oh I dunno. I think he’s the dorkiest dorkwad that ever dorked!

I agree. But not too much, as I don’t want to be estranged or anything…

Oh man, Uncle Dave is gonna pee his pants over this one.

Dear Magic 8 Ball:

Will my niece ever learn to spell?

My dear aunt GingeroftheNorth

Probably not; You’ve seen how corrupt our education system is.

[Obscure prog rock reference] Everybody needs to evelate from the norm… [/OPRR]

(No, not a typo :))

I couldn’t agree more, Coldfire.

You must really, really like it up there in Yellowknife, because you seem to be systematically eliminating other places where you might formaly have been welcome one by one. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you blaming ME for? I’m just afreindly, helpful little device… I seek only to serve the truth…:rolleyes: