Just so ya know...

To elevate the boredom thathas become my lunch break,I’ve decided to submit this.

I was formerly know as Magic8ball.Since there wasn’t anything in my name to hint at what gender I am, I was mistaken for a member of the male species many times. Call me crazy, but having my sex mistaken doesn’t really float my boat.(just to tell you,I’mnot freaking out, its not a whole “you called me a boy! how dare you! Die!” thing… it was a "oh,you called me a boy. Huh."thing.) So,instead of correcting the person every single time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I emailed TubaDiva a very polite letter, telling her why I wanted my name changed,and saying please could she change it in her spare time,and what do you know. She changed it!

So, Hello. I’m Missmagic8ball. Nice tomeet you. Again.

So wait, you’re not a guy?

I was wondering; thank you for posting because I figured you were magic8ball’s girlfriend.


And what’s up withthe wordsstuck together in yourpost?

Just curious! :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too. I always assumed you were a guy (from your posts - no offence). Aren’t you related to someone famous on these boards?.. I can’t quite remember - my memories fuzzy. Oh well, back to my experiments.

Oh, yea.

She’s related to Cecil? [sub]He’s the only famous person on the boards as far as I’m concerned[/sub] :wink:

Actually, she’s GingerOfTheNorth’s niece.

Isn’t the Bad Astronomer famous or at least well known?

I get mistaken for a guy all the time on these boards. But I don’t care, I’m not changing my name. But for the record, I am female.

Oh for God’s sake I meant well-known around here… seems like everyone knows GOTN somehow - I was jus’ pointin’ it out.

Eve is not unknown either. When she did a rant about her bosses at Movieline (when she still worked there), some people realized they knew who she was and were readers of her column.

Now people will mistake you as a guy who misses his magic 8 ball.


Yea, I know her “somehow”. :wink:

If you’re not a boy, why won’t you wear all of the pretty pink dresses I buy you? They’re so preeeeeeeetty. :wink:

::Sleazy look on my face::


Sick bugger. He’s her uncle. Married to me, her aunt.

That’s who we (I assume Weirddave) were talking about.

That last post doesn’t explain properly. I meant you (GOTN) and Dave.

Oh jeez, you know what I’m talking about.

My words were stuck together cuz my school buys thier keyboards from the dollar store.

And antie, pink is icky. so are dresses. ::shudder:: whats next, panty hose? jeez, next thing yo know you’l want me to stop spitting or swearing!

I am NOT my own girlfreind. Nor am I a boy. I am a gir. Female. Although I must say that I am somewhat ashamed to call myself a teenage girl, because, I must say, girls my age are STUPID. al they talk about are boys. And clothes. And boys. Oh, ad Boys. You’de think tat boys were the only interesting thing in the world. The multitudeof them have the brain capacity of a peanut. Its pathetic. ::shudder::

(I’l have you know That no, I ament a hypocrite, or whatevr you wnat to call it, Because I’m making fun of my own gender. I can shoot a gun and drive a snowmobie better then many guys I know, as well as skin fish and rabbits. I’m a “tomboy”…)

And I’m poud to say that my famous antie ginger gave me her autograph. I still have it… its a christmas card she gave me a while back. I’l cherish it forever.

Oh, and weirddave’s cool too.

(apologies for spelling errors, this keyboard was ALSO bought at the dollar store.)