I normally post at another forum, but I can’t get there at the moment and I’ve been told you’re a good bunch of people here so I thought I’d drop in. :slight_smile:

Come on in, take your shoes off, enjoy.

Post counts are displayed here? That’s just cruel. :slight_smile:

Just don’t change your username…

Why not?

Welcome, welcome,welcome. Have a good time. Get comfortable, because if you’re anything like the rest of us…you’ll be here a loooong time.

Because I did, twice, and you lose all your post count.
Where’d ya come up with your name anyway?
It makes me think of cucumber (no offense).

None taken, it makes everyone think of a cucumber. :slight_smile: Except the people who think just a little bit harder and make cracks involving the word cumbersome instead. And once it got picked up by a censorship thing cause of the first three letters. sigh

It’s just the name of a dragon in a book I quite liked.

You “normally” post elsewhere? Well, you better get out of that habit right away…both habits, actually–posting elsewhere, and posting normally! Welcome to the nuthouse!

I have been accused of having a lizard fetish because of something I posted, is that abnormal enough for you?

abnormal? heh hehe. stick around pal…:slight_smile:

Makes me think of hot nights on the Cumberland Gap. But that’s neither here nor there. Actually, its more “there”.

I’d like to go “there” sometime. I just never have the time.

vanilla - I don’t know when you last changed your username, but that’s not true anymore. All you have to do is email TubaDiva and she’ll fix it for you. I got mine changed a couple of months ago, do you like it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the board, Cumber! Anyone who uses a dragonish name is cool. I was going to ask if your first name was Q, but I guess you’ve heard that one.

No haven’t heard that one, but I’ve made it myself. :slight_smile:

ya know, if you want to start your own group, recognisable by a length of material tied around the waist,
you could call yourself…
wait for it…

the cumber-bund!!
I’m here all week.

welcome to the SD

Welcome Cumber…

Can I get you a beer?

We are a very good lot and always looking for new members with somethinbg to add. We get a little testy with each other from time to time but for the most part were all good eggs.

Stick around and have some fun.

Hmmmm, you … post … elsewhere.

:: scratching head ::

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Elsewhere? Elsewhere?

Are trying to insinuate that there are other message boards? Are you?!?

Oh God, please tell me this isn’t true. I can’t stand that kind of pressure.

:: swooning ::

Oh my headache is starting again. Where’s my blankie.

:: reeling ::

Tell, me about the rabbits, George.

Post count, schmost count.

Welcome to the best board on the net. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind the mess…the maid’s on vacation.

Actually, when I saw “Cumber” I thought of Cumberland Blues

Lotta poor man got the Cumberland Blues
He can’t win for losin…(Come on, everybody sing along)

HI cumber… I am a newbie too…

And I think I even got under 10 posts… sniffl… gonna change that…


Hiya Cumber,

Now carefully delete all other bookmarks and favorites except for this one and pretty soon everything will be all better.

You will soon realize that there are merely other sites that claim to be message boards.

This is the one true, genuine and completely original addictive past time… er, did I say that? I meant to say online heroin.