I've Changed my user name and become a member.

Hello Everyone.

I discovered this place almost a year ago and have spent many a pleasant hour reading these boards.

I haven’t posted much, so I doubt too many of you are familiar with my previous user name of Raginghormonal, but since I’ve now become a member of the board, I wanted to officially introduce myself under my new name. So Hello again, I’m not what you’d expect.
Raginghormonal no longer suited where I am in my life. And I’m never what people expect me to be, so there you have it.

I’ll probably read much more than post, as has been my habit. I seldom have much to say that Marley or Cat Whisperer have not already said better than I ever could. Having said that, I do plan to start another thread in the general questions forum because I need some advice. My husband and I are seriously considering opening a deli and I’m hoping to get some feedback on our ideas. In particular, I think Joey(?) may do something similar and I believe Kayak (er) may have mentioned owning a business? I’ve got a lot of questions, but I’ll save it for the other thread.

I really do enjoy this community and hope to have a long and happy time here.
Thanks for reading. I hope it’s coherent. It’s near midnight and I should have been asleep two hours ago since I have to work tomorrow, but I can’t sleep because of the above mentioned issues. If this is gibberish, I blame the motrin pm. :cool:

I didn’t expect that.

Howdy! One suggestion, though. If you are asking for advice, that’s IMHO, not GQ territory. I think it’d be nice to not have to have your first real (non-intro) thread moved around.

Howdy BigT. Thank you for the advice and since I see Miller is around (:D), perhaps it will happen sooner rather than later.

Welcome aboard! May you enjoy the Dope as much as I have over the years, which is mucho.

I have a question.

You say you only just became a member, but you have 180 posts. Does that mean that the board has a postcount for all guests, but just doesn’t display it unless you upgrade to membership?

You can find the post count of any guest by going to the statistics tab of their profile.

Watch out, you guys. I think she may be part of the Spanish Inquisition.

I expected her.

Hey, raginghormonal isn’t raging so much any longer! WooT! :smiley:

Yes, thankfully that has eased. It’s a terribly unpleasant time in ones life, so I’m very pleased to be done with it. I wouldn’t wish hot flashes on my worst enemy. Well, maybe the husbands first wife, but after all these years, probably not even her.

ok, I need to think about it some more. :slight_smile:

Elendil, can you please use your psychic abilities for me in the other thread I started? You could be a really big help!

I love this place. I’ll be hanging around.

I can’t wait until my raging is over, too (and it hasn’t really started yet!). :frowning:

I do recognize your previous name (how could I not?? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and want to offer a re-welcome as well.

Welcome to paid status!

Since you’ve been around for a while, we can dispense with the usual initiation ceremonies.

Wait. I don’t get an initiation ceremony? I thought that was part of paid membership…Do I need to ask for a refund?


Welcome, welcome!

Mercifully, I’ve blocked most of my initiation ceremony from my conscious memory, but the little that remains has required years of therapy. You should count yourself lucky.

On a totally different note, would you like some ice cream? It’s [del]frisky[/del] fresh!