Man am I boring

You know, I mentioned over in this thread that once again, my answers to such juicy questions is…boring. I’m okay with that, but it seems so, well, boring.

There was an episode of Murphy Brown years ago where the male news anchor spouted similar personal facts on the air, following each statement with a defensive but definitive, “Annd…good for me!”

You see, I:

  1. Am female, straight, and never experimented (or was interested in experimenting) with the opposite sex, as mentioned in the link above. Don’t have anything against those who do; it just ain’t my cup of tea.

  2. Had sex for the first time at age 26. Now, that was partly due to a strict adherence to religious morals at a younger age, but it was also me being too busy and preoccupied to care much…though I sure would’ve liked a steady boyfriend in high school, it just wasn’t a priority and I was okay doing the academic/theater/arts thing.

  3. Married the man I gave my virginity to…who, believe it or not, gave his virginity to me (changed “lost” to “gave” at his request here).

  4. Have never been completely drunk. I have been buzzed, though!

  5. Have never used an illegal drug, or a legal drug illegally. Never interested me, though I hung out with friends who were into pot and LSD in high school. I did get a contact high once, if that counts for anything.

  6. Have never smoked a cigarette. My smoking father, who I despised as a child, removed any desire for this.

  7. Have never been arrested, or done anything worthy of being arrested (I don’t think). Hell, I’ve never even had a speeding ticket…though I DID get ticketed for failure to yield at an intersection when I was 16. Ooooooooh.

I have no issues with people who are homo- (or bi-)sexual, have been arrested, have lost their virginity at a more “normal” age, gotten drunk or high, or smoked…to each their own. But it seems I’ve chosen a very boring route.

And…and…GOOD FOR ME!

I am here taking pride in my lack of drama or unusualness! I know there are others; join me! Celebrate your vanilla life!

(I do have a friend who’s a dancer at Spearmint Rhino…does that count for anything on my cool-meter?)

Oh, come now, Ruffian. You’re not… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh. Sorry. I seem to have dozed off there for a moment.


Oh YEAH?! Well I can…I can…I can BREATHE FIRE!

Oh, wait. That’s Godzilla.


You aren’t boring; you’re unique.

Revel in it. :wink:

Are you me? (See, she’s not even unique!)

Female, straight, never messed around with another girl. Check.

Virgin till I was 21; married him (he wasn’t a virgin, but damn close). Check.

Never truly drunk, but have been mighty buzzed. Check.

No illegal drug use. Check. (I don’t even know what pot smells like.)

No cigarettes; smoking dad that I hated. Check.

Never been arrested, or even close. Check. (I have been pulled over for (1) riding my bike with no hands on the handlebars :rolleyes: , (2) having a headlight out (it was my mother’s car), and (3) speeding – one warning, one ticket.

Ditto on being OK with people who have done these things (hey, they tell great stories!); I just haven’t done them myself.

Pass the vanilla.

You sound a lot like me. I love my drama-free, quiet life. :slight_smile: If other people want to live differently and are happy with that, good for them, but I’m happy being a “boring” person. :slight_smile:

No, she’s not unique, just of a breed that’s increasingly rare these days. No, sad to say I don’t belong, but I’ve known a few people who did. Including a woman who didn’t marry until her late 30s, and was a virgin when she did. She was the older sister of one of my friends at the church where I grew up.

I, too, am boring–and grateful for it.


lost my virginity at 18

married the guy I lost it to, at 24 (we deflowered one another)-I LIKE vanilla sex. Never tempted to explore other aspects of this area of my life.

did smoke pot in HS, on the weekends-quit when I went to college (why? I don’t know).

drank in college, but never had drunken sex, never regretted the sex I did have, never slept with a stranger or picked up a guy at a party or bar.

never been arrested–have been to traffic court for a charge of “improper lane usage”–got that expunged and found not guilty.

Never had lesbian anything–but it wasn’t vaunted in the early '80’s as it is now. (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!)
Borrrrring. But, sometimes I hear of stuff, and I think, thank god for my mundane, drab existance. I may not have great stories (not true), but I also don’t have truant/police officers or bailiffs at my door…

See, this is where you go out and get yourself an unusual hobby. Mine is balloon twisting. It’s fun and it makes people of all ages happy. Just this last Saturday, I was making balloon animals for a safety fair at work. A few of my coworkers (and customers, and their kids) commented that I have very strange hobbies. I’m not nearly as “boring” as you. I had sex at 18 and have done so with 3 guys. I smoke and drink and I had 2 whole speeding tickets (8 years ago). Other than that, I don’t really do anything interesting. But, once people find out that I am a balloonist, I suddenly become very interesting to them. EVeryone wants to talk about it and even adults want me to make them something. One of my coworkers has been walking around with a balloon ladybug tied to her apron for 4 days now. She points it out to me every time she sees me.

So, you just need a hobby and suddenly you’ll be the topic of everyone’s conversations.

Another boring one, here. First sexual encounter at 30.

Okay, I just have to ask, given that you were in theatre: Do people know not to wish you luck with the phrase, “Break a leg?” :wink:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you mean the same sex. I’m thinking your husband probably qualifies as the “opposite sex.”

HA! Now isn’t that an intersting typo. Or is it…an interesting Freudian slip?

Hooray, I said something interesting!

And yes, hubby is all man, baby.

Sorry, I stopped reading at this point.

Hey, I have a two-month-old. I’m still dealing with hormonal brain farts and serious sleep deprivation. Um…yeah. That’s it.

My baby’snot boring, right?

Being controversial with an odd life has drawbacks too, so don’t feel bad.

You’re not really boring, you’re… well…err… umm… adventurously challenged? :smiley:

If it makes you feel better, I find smoking and drinking makes people less interesting, not more…

My sons are eleven and a half. It gets no better; it’s just the nature of what keeps you up that changes.

Um. Pics? I need to do some…um…research and…such…

…for a book. It’s a book…that I’m…um…writing…and…

pics? cite?