God certainly has a mean sense of humor

And the Lord said, “Every four years the voters of the United States of America will choose the most powerful person on the planet.”

Here are the choices God gave us for 2016:

In one corner, Donald Trump

Source: http://interactive.nydailynews.com/2016/10/daily-news-editorial-bury-trump-in-landslide/

And in the other corner, Hillary Clinton:


I know we’re not perfect, God, but what specifically did we do to deserve a choice like this?

I’m not familiar with the National Review but my spider-sense starts tingling when they declare that Hillary isn’t fighting for “all children” by being pro-choice.

Besides, the fault lies not in your stars, but in yourselves, so don’t lay this one on God.

The President is an administrator. Hillary will do a fine job.

What kind of correlation has there been in the past between a candidate’s pre-presidential achievements/accomplishments and how effective they were as POTUS?

God has nothing to do with this. We Humans made this happen.

If it were a god - it would be loki.

I’m kind of curious why Trump’s achievements aren’t being used for comparison. Since he has no public service in his background at all, I suppose you’d have to compare his financial success against other real-estate developers in the New York area through the 1980s and 90s. Since he didn’t win an Emmy, should we consider the presidential potential of the people that did that year? How does “President Jerry Bruckheimer” grab you?

The National Review is a conservative mouthpiece. So why is this an illustration of Gods trickery?

You’ve opened my eyes! Trump and Clinton are JUST THE SAME! Guess I’ll stay home on Election Day and eat nachos.

What would God need with a Trump?

A door stopper?

The hair would make him a pretty good toilet bowl cleaner.

Or a weather vane, so long as he’s not wearing that ball cap.

Before you accept the National Review’s take, you should check out this article by a columnist at HuffPost, to get a viewpoint from the other side of the media spectrum:

I Wrote That I Despised Hillary Clinton. Today, I Want To Publicly Take It Back:

… is a good politician and has many accomplishments to her name, despite what the right-wing noise machine has been whining about for the past couple decades. The fact you honestly think a former Senator and Secretary of State has no accomplishments to her name is evidence of the massive, inexorable decay the right wing has undergone in this country, and how far the GOP has to go in order to be taken seriously again.

Your false equivalence is idiotic. There’s no other term for it. Happily, nobody here buys it except the people who are irrationally biased against Clinton to begin with, as you obviously are.

The Elections forum is for serious (or even light hearted) discussions of the election, not for more whiny rants that include misinformation.

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*Oh great, great slumbering nation
Awake! Set yourself free
Oh! Smell the comforting bacon, taste the bromide tea
And give a little chirrup as I ladle on the syrup
Promises are cheap
Let me bear your crosses, make me boss of bosses
Then you go back to sleep (Ha ha ha)

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in*

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God certainly has a mean sense of humor

OP surely doesn’t want to start any blasphemous rumours?

I am not a fan of either candidate but I still voted Hillary , the KKK are for Trump and not Hillary so the two are NOT just the same !

Look, if all I wanted was a protector of Earth and friend to all children, I’d vote for Gamera.

And now that I’ve thought of it, I’m sad there isn’t enough time to make a Gamera 2016 yard sign.

Vote Ghidora for King!