God Comics - Best comic book cover EVER

Superdickery.com” has really outdone itself this time. It’s at http://www.superdickery.com/propaganda/67.html God Comics featuring the oughta-be-legendary title blurb - “Hitler crucified my son!”

It just can’t get better than that.

…I have a hard time believing that this is legit.

God-Man is way cooler.

45 SMASH pages of God! Plus other features
I really want a backstory on this one! Hey, Maybe Byrne can wedge it into continuity somewhere? >What? Why are you looking at me like that?<

Love the fact that God uses Wonder Woman style bulletproof braclets.

He may also be the model for Jewcano from Minoriteam. He also has the bracelets, though not the sandals.

I prefer Son 'O God Comics

What exactly was the storyline behind that cover? Is God an actual character in it?

After a quick look, it looks like a modern spoof done by either Erik Larsen or Rick Vietch emulating the style of Jack Kirby.

The price, the tear, and the smudge are probably part of the original image.

The look on Jesus’ face is priceless.

I think it’s a real cover, but obviously a humour comic, and a deliberate parody of this cover : http://www.superdickery.com/propaganda/43.html

It’s by Eric Larson, I forget which one of his books it appeared in, but no, it’s not the cover to a real comic.

Found it, it’s from Savage Dragon Vol. 7. Just a parody.

I remember it being in a regular issue of Savage Dragon, the one with God Vs. The Devil. I can grab it out of my closet later to see exactly which issue.

And it’s Erik Larsen, no relation to fellow comic creator Gary Larson.

There really was a “God comics,” you know - I think it came out in the '50s or early '60s, and was banned in Massachussetts. The first issue had Mary and Joseph flying the baby Jesus on a string, like Superbaby. The second issue had Mary going to an orgy, in an unsuccessful attempt to lose her virginity.

I’ve held these in my own personal hands.

It can get better than that blasted link!

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I urge Dopers not to click on the OP link!

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Wow, I guess they’re right- Superman is a dick!

That’s OK, I have a Kryptonite ring in my Mac-utility belt, right next to the Mac-arang and Mac-shark repellant. :smiley: