best.comic book site.EVER.

I know some of the Teeming Millions are already aware of this site (in fact, I think it was a link established in a previous thread that led me to it in the first place), but I love this site so much, I just had to start a seperate thread about it:, a collection of the worst comic book covers / panels ever. The site started as a spinoff of a National Lampoon feature (“Superman is a dick”) citing graphic evidence of the Man of Steel’s all-around obnoxious behavior. It grew to include other regular features on subjects such as the homoerotic subtext behind Batman & Robin, and Wonder Woman’s lesbian & kinky predilections.

My personal favorite covers / panels are: the mysterious golden showers, Superman vs. gay cowboy, and Lois Lane’s head in a box.

What good can it be? Under Stupor-Powers they don’t even list Wonder Woman’s ability to

Run up a Glass Wall

Thread a Needle Underwater

And they don’t mentiobn the Super Woman’s Intuition Superboy gets when he gets transformed into a girl!

And I still say Seanbaby’s Super Friends site (which is likely not safe for work) is the hands-down best.

Joker’s boner. Hee hee hee!

This one’s my favorite:

And of course this one, the appropriately captioned Best. Cover. Ever.:

Heh heh heh.

Wow! Superman bitch-slaps President Kennedy.

Take a shot.

I love the tagline on this one.

A little too much Superman.

I’m sure that other comics have their fair share of stupid covers.

This panel was my favorite (no, I hadn’t seen it before coming across it here).

If you read the site history you’ll notice it all started out by noticing what a dick Superman is. Having fairly well mined out the super-dickery of the man of steel, the site now seems to be branching out to other stupor heroes. Give’em time … And if you’ve got a few helpful hints, you might oughta drop a line. There’s an email address listed on the site for just such a purpose. :: cough :: CalMeacham :: cough ::

A nice touch on that one is that Batman literally leans the other way (heh) compared to the others.

I’m surprised he doesn’t have the famous “Captain America, I command you to WANK!” panel up yet. Just a matter of time, I suppose.


I’m going to regret this… but is there a copy online?

Yeah, I like to see that too. At least describe what it’s supposed to portray, I cannot fathom a non-dirty scenario where somebody would say that!

"Bizzaro Scott says no!

Could someone explain to this non-comic reader why Superman is such a dick on those covers? I always thought Superman was a good guy. I actually thought those were spoof covers at first.

If this is too much of a hijack of this thread, let me know and I’ll start a new one.


Someone walks past the rack of comics in the drug store, see’s Superman burning a gift from Jimmy, or holding a dead Lois in his arms, claiming he killed her, thinks ‘what the hell?’ and picks up the book to find out why Superman is being a dick on the cover.

Provocation of the Reader. IE : “What? Superman Framing Jimmy Olsen? That can’t be! I must buy this issue to find out how it happens.” Of course, the cover often turns out to be misleading…