God damn you to hell, Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Your alleged “music” sucks.
You are only a successful opportunist.
I had to suffer through years of going to a performing arts school and listening to your brackish, neuron-dissolving dreck being used as audition pieces and in choral performances. No doubt this has caused some kind of damage to me that will be readily apparent a few years down the line - cumulative toxins like that are not easily excreted…
And for god’s sake, if you have to plaigiarize someone, if you are compelled by some unseen force more powerful than your own worm-shot will to use other people’s work with your name printed on it; don’t plaigiarize Wagner! Please, anyone but neurotic, self-indulgent drama-queen WAGNER!
BAHHHHHH! begins descent into madness

LOL…In my college a cappella group we used to automatically disqualify auditioners who sang anything from any Lloyd Webber musical, except for Jesus Christ Superstar, which for some reason, we all really liked.

I was once in a community theater production of Evita! Does that make you want to stick pins under your fingernails?

Fortunately, Cats should pretty much ensure his place in hell.

The best line I’ve ever heard about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music was from Rowan Atkinson in An Evening with Rowan Atkinson. During the skit The Good Loser he refers to “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest reaarangement of Puccini’s greatest hits.”

That always slays me.

If you get the chance, pick up copies of the various incarnations of “Forbidden Broadway.” They have no mercy on ALW, nor should they. They make nasty references to Sarah Brightman, his rise in the '80’s with Cats and the like, his fall to Disney… you name it, they skewer him for it, and well.

All I can remember off the top of my head is a line about Puccini being really pissed. :smiley:


You might want to track down a copy of “Memory” done by a band called Big Daddy. They do it as a 50’s doo-wop song.


Oh God, 1996 was The Year of Dichotomy for me… bad memories…returning…must…repress… rage…

::hides her Broadway recording of Evita in shame::