What are your favorite Broadway original cast soundtracks?

I’ve just started listening to **Hamilton **and it made me recognize how little of the genre I am familiar with.

I may crank this into a poll if there is enough interest.

My Fair Lady.

A Chorus Line: An incredible show to see on stage, but as a great deal of it is singing and dancing, the soundtrack is almost as good if you cannot see it in a theatre.

I like the original 1960s Cabaret a lot


A Chorus Line, Company, Pippen, Mame

The Drowsy Chaperone
A Chorus Line
Avenue Q
The Music Man
Guys and Dolls
Kiss Me Kate
Annie Get Your Gun

Les Miserables, the original cast with Colm Wilkinson and Frances Ruffelle is still my favorite -

I like Nathan Lane’s versions of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum better than Zero Mostel, but opinions vary -

I also prefer Nathan Lane’s Guys & Dolls -


And of course, Nathan Lane in the The Producers -
The original Evita with Patti Lupone & Mandy Patinkin
Should probably mention Phantom -
And I’ll stop with Into the Woods -

West Side Story

I bought the original Broadway cast of ‘Hair’ way back in the '60’s, (apropos of nothing, just on impulse. Loved it.)

Jesus Christ Superstar and Sweeney Todd.

(I can’t actually watch Sweeney Todd, 'cause I’m too wimpy even for that mild a level of horror/murder. But, oh, the music and verses!)

Godspell (1973)

I wanted to add a gentle warning to the OP because I knew that we had a poster here who HATES when the word “soundtrack” is used for what is properly called a “cast recording” (“soundtrack” is for movies), then I thought I might as well do a search and remind myself of which poster I was remembering.

Looks like it was Annie-Xmas:

Anyway, I really like the soundtrack to the 90s revival of Damn Yankees and the soundtrack to the 90s revival of Chicago because both feature Bebe Neuwirth.

The 1982 recording of the cast of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of my all time favorite Broadway soundtracks.

Interesting, I had no idea. Thanks for the info.

1776 (which I saw during its original run, with the original cast)
Fiddler on the Roof (Zero Mostel version, of course)
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables

I’ve seen many others, but don’t have the albums (I really do have to get the OCA for Man of la Mancha)

I listened to the OCA of Camelot last week. I used to like it (I was in the orchestra when we put it on at our high school), but have decided that I don’t really care for it any more, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet notwithstanding.

Oh, good one. My mother has the LP starting that guy who played the old bartender in Northern Exposure.

As for the most pointless OCA, I’ll nominate Beatlemania. A friend used to listen to it a lot when he was about nine. I have no idea why. (Yes, he had a good collection of actual Beatles albums at the time).

Ones that influenced me as a child: The original (brown cover) cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar (my dad had an old 8-track of it, and I remember getting up in the middle of the night listening to it, because I was that cool. It was old even back then, and it dragged a little and the angels sounded deeper and more drawn out. It was incredible). Also the concept recording of Jekyll and Hyde, with Anthony Warlow. His voice is amazing, and because it’s an album they could overlap Jekyll and Hyde’s voice, a luxury lost when you do the show live. And finally, Rent, which came out the year after I graduated high school. Even with Superstar and Hair, I had never heard anything quite like it before. This young man from Oklahoma had never seen a Broadway show or a national tour, and it just blew his little mind.

As a matter of fact, these shows helped set me on a path of learning to play piano and wanting to work in theatre. Years later (14 years ago, now) I moved to NYC, worked a day job and built my performance resume up at night, finally got a professional gig which led to many more, and now I work full-time as a music director/pianist/composer for the theatre (currently working on Matilda). Cast recordings played a huge part in that story. :slight_smile:

That “old guy” is John Cullum–who has had an illustrious career on Broadway, although most of us know him from TV. He reprised his role in* 1776* in the film–with the powerful “Molasses to Rum.”

I haven’t kept up with Original Cast Recordings. Still have Camelot, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl & West Side Story.

Bought the MP3 version of Hamilton because it came out earlier than the CD. This site more than supplies the supporting materials I didn’t get with the files. Maybe it will be released on LP, to suit the rest of my collection…


Welcome to Hamilton Hell. It’s a cozy place, we sit around and gush about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius and Daveed Digs’ amazing rapping skills, and bemoan the fact that we’ll probably never get tickets till the touring production comes around, if then.

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