What are your favorite Broadway original cast soundtracks?

Definitely Rent.

As noted, John Cullum, who I’ve either seen in several things, or heard recordings of.

One interesting thing I noticed on listening to the OCA of Camelot – that was his first Broadway singing role. He was one of the knights who challenges Lancelot.

I had no IDEA you guys were all homosexuals!

Drop over chez Ike sometime, and I’ll spin some tasty Streisand platters.

1776 is tough, because it’s a tossup between the original cast recording and the movie soundtrack. While Howard DaSilva created Franklin, he was ill during the Broadway cast recording session, so the role was covered by Rex Everhart. With no disrespect to Mr. Everhart, if you have seen the movie, the now-recovered DaSilva was Franklin, gloriously so. Of course, with the movie cast, one loses the delight of the original Martha Jefferson, Betty Buckley. It’s so hard to choose.

As already noted, John Cullum was in the movie cast recording of 1776, and also played Caldwell B. Cladwell in the original cast recording of Urinetown <-another awesome recording.

And for some fun trivia, when I caught the fantastic touring cast of Urinetown a number of years ago, Cladwell was played by Ronald Holgate, Richard Henry Lee from both Broadway and movie 1776, and the original Miles Gloriosus in** Forum** on Broadway.

I grew up listening to the soundtrack of “Fiddler on the Roof” with Zero Mostel.

A Chorus Line
Man of La Mancha

I can’t stand Everhart’s voice as Franklin, so I have rarely listened to the Original Cast Recording. But I’ve worn out my tape of the movie soundtrack.

I can only narrow it down to 20:

Annie Get Your Gun
Fiddler on the Roof
Funny Girl
Into the Woods
The King and I
The Music Man
My Fair Lady
Once Upon a Mattress
Show Boat
South Pacific
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
West Side Story

Like panache, there’s no way I can stay in single digits. I can’t even winnow down past 30:

A Little Night Music
Aspects of Love
Avenue Q
Big River
Fiddler on the Roof
Goodtime Charley
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
In the Heights
Into the Woods
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
The King of Hearts
Man of La Mancha
Miss Saigon
My Fair Lady
Phantom of the Opera
The Secret Garden
South Pacific
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
West Side Story

Evita is a really good one.

Not strictly a cast recording, but the original concept album of Chess is fantastic.

Pippin. That’s the only one I have in my collection.

Les Mis without a question, bar none.

But Dean Jones’s cast recording of “Being Alive” from Company is my unparalleled favorite cut.

See? I think that’s great. If you enjoy it that’s all that matters. I try to do everything in life with zero mostel. I couldn’t give a single solitary mostel what anyone else may think.

The Phantom with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brighton

I pretty much like all of them, with the exception of Hamilton (my wife loves it, but I just can’t get into the style).

This is right up there with the girl who told me that Lucas didn’t like the voice of the Darth Vader actor, so he got “some big black guy” to do the voice. That guy being, of course, James Earl Jones, one of the best actors of our generation.

You really mean to suggest that John Cullum is meant to be a household name?
A long an distinguished career? Certainly. Talented actor? Abso-fucking-lutely. But widespread name recognition? Name recognition on a level with James Earl Jones? Hardly. Again, nothing to diminish his talent and accomplishments but, c’mon, he isn’t widely known by name.

Agreed. Too bad they destroyed the show by an almost complete rewrite when they brought it to Broadway. I had tickets but the show closed before I could see it.

However, my favorite is Jesus Christ Superstar. The brown cover, which (like Chess) is not a cast recording but a concept album. I only wish Can We Start Again, Please from the movie was on the concept album.

Interesting that both the Chess and JCS concept albums feature Murray Head in leading roles…

…and a show with everything but Yul Brynner.

Depends on the household, I suppose. He is in ours, although I think Pepper Mill is more familiar with him from his part in Northern Exposure.

Next you’re gonna tell me that John Raitt isn’t a household name?