God help me... my son got his driver’s license today.

This is a terrifying day for me. I actually have to let him go and trust him to do the right thing. But on Monday he gets into his car and drives off to high school, and all I can do is hope for the best. He’s not unsafe by any means, but he’s a 16-year-old male and I know the statistics by heart.

Just another step in parenting, I suppose. I wish this day had never come, and yet I’m glad it did.

Congratulations on another milestone achieved. :slight_smile:

I’ve done it 3 times. I taught each how to drive, so I felt a personal pride in their driving abilities. Did NOT make it easier to let them go out alone. I have to say Son-of-a-wrek was and is the more dangerous driver. My girls are more careful. Good Luck and pray alot.:slight_smile:

Wow I remember when you and Robyn met on here for the first time…and then ya telling us he was on the way…I feel old now…

Yeah, it feels like yesterday sometimes. Then I wake up sore and old and I realize that it really was a long time ago. Getting old sucks.

Seriously, Baby Doors is all groweds up.

Wow, time does fly. Didn’t you go to Iraq pre-Ms Robyn? I seem to recall there was some kind of doper send off complete with photos of you puking on the side of the road??? Which, of course, pre-dated your driving son.

I feel for you. I have no kids, but I drove like a moron at 16.

I couldn’t imagine having to trust a teen with a car. Best of luck.:wink:

Wasn’t your son like…8.:dubious:
Or has time really flown by.:frowning:

Cheer up, now you have a personal driver! Make him drive you everywhere when he’s not in school. I’m going by he has a bright shiny new license and wants to drive as much as possible.

Yup. That’s one way my parents broke me out of my desire to drive a lot when I got my license, the fiends!:mad:

ETA: Who was the designated teacher for him when he was learning, you or MsRobyn?
I am sure I am the cause of my mother’s blood pressure problem. :frowning:

If you’re really wanting to save your own car, buy a manual while you still can. Stopped my teenage sons in their tracks. Should he be motivated to learn stick then it’s a new skill set for him. Win-win either way. Making him pay for his own gas and insurance is a bit of a life lesson as well…

Oh, man, I remember when I turned 16 and could drive without a parent in the vehicle! I would jump in the car, fire it up and…um, maybe I shouldn’t tell those stories just now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats to Baby Doors and consolations to you and tha missus!

Back in my day there were used VW beetles with 4 speeds for new drivers.

Keep in mind that not all teenage drivers are the same.

I drove like a grandparent when I got my license. I was responsible, obeyed most of the laws (drove 60 instead of 55, because it was the flow of traffic), and didn’t get into any accidents.

There was no way in hell I wanted to be driven around by my parents or brother ever again. ::shudder:: Smoke-filled car with my father, and my brother (to this day) drives like his ass is on fire.

I’m a father who has experienced this with a daughter and two sons. Sure it is terrifying at first but soon you get very happy when you hear “I have four practices through the week and a game on Saturday… I have to be there two hours early for the game.” and you respond with “good luck… I’ll see you at game time on Saturday!”

I have a manual. I’m the only one who can drive it. It’s pure bliss.

As for paying for everything, that comes soon. Once his quiz bowl season is wrapped up and he finishes driver’s ed for insurance purposes he’s getting himself a job or he’s on foot.

Spare me the horror stories, guys. I was bad enough. Trusting him isn’t going to be easy under the best of circumstances.