God, I hate Paypal

I once set up an account with Paypal using my debit card. I forget what I had to buy, frankly.

But now that it’s in there I’m locked out of eBay, Project Wonderful, and some other sites with that card because it keeps rejecting the card because that card is on a registered PP account. Christ, what a pain in the ass.

I am confused. You are locked out of eBay, because your card has been used to set up an account on Paypal?

Ebay and Paypal are like beans and rice. Most things on eBay are paid for with Paypal. They are like, best friends.

Clarification needed.

My read on it is that he lost his account info, and now he can’t set up a new account with his card, because there’s already a paypal account with that card. Hence, he can’t use eBay or other sites that require paypal.

There must be something more to the story. You don’t need to set up a Paypal account just to pay someone with Paypal. You only need to create an account with them if you want to receive money with Paypal. They are just a payment processor. They verify the card, transfer the funds to the payee, and take a small cut for a transaction fee. Even with no Paypal account at all, you should be able to chose ‘send money’, enter your billing info, and make any payment you want as long as the card is good. This should be the case even if the card had at some time been associated with an actual Paypal account.

I wish to pay directly with my debit card. Without Paypal. But I can’t because it won’t let me because that card IS linked to a PP account.

Upon calling them just now I was told that it is impossible for me to delink that card or, indeed, to remove my account from their database for ‘security’ reasons.

Hell, I’m an SEC registered rep. I know more about financial security and protecting peoples information (and the penalties for not doing so) than that kid at the customer service number. God knows I just had an audit.

Edit to add: His advice was to cancel my card and get a new one issued.

If you have a Paypal account you can just log in to Paypal, go to your card info, and delete the card. There must be something more going on but I’m at a loss to guess what it might be.

I tried that. There is no option and the kid on the end of the line said it couldn’t be done. I find this…frustrating.

They have my banking information and refuse to let it go.

Log in, go to my account, and then bank account for your backup payment method or debit and credit cards and delete your debit card. It’s under action, then remove.

In my account if I go to “Profile - Update Card” each card they have on file has two buttons next to it: “edit” and “remove”. I don’t want to actually remove my card but I’m 99.9% sure if I click ‘remove’ it will do just that.

One thing I have found on the occasions I needed to contact them is that the front line telephone support leaves much to be desired, often have no clue, and wind up needing to escalate all but the most basic help requests. But if I open a case with them directly from the website (under “resolution center” when you are logged in to your account) those seem to go directly to a higher level support person within Paypal and get better results.

For whatever reason mine does not. CS, as you said, was less than helpful.

You might have already checked this, but just in case it helps, PayPal’s page on this says the following:

[ul][li]You cannot remove a card if you have a pending transaction or if your card was the backup payment method for a recent instant bank payment. Wait a few days and try again.[]You may not be able to remove your card if you have a negative balance in your PayPal account. In this situation, you must bring your balance to zero or higher to remove your card.[]If you remove your only card and have a confirmed bank account, you’ll no longer be able to make instant bank payments. Instead they’ll be sent as eChecks, which take 3 to 4 working days to process.[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]

I appreciate the effort, Roland. But none of tho items apply.

I use paypal quite a lot, mainly to receive payments, and I will admit CS is not especially helpful at times, but your scenario sounds quite odd. I have had some paypal weirdness when a backup credit card was within a few weeks of being expired and although not actually expired paypal locked up up my entire account until I updated the expiration date or replaced the card.

You might asked to be passed to a supervisor because based on what you have indicated there should be no reason for this to be happening.

This, Mr. Zotti, is why I remain a perennial Guest.

People…who hate Paypal
Are the unluckiest People
in the world!!!

How much inconvenience are you willing to endure to maintain this pointless defiance?

That sounds like good advice. And for added protection, I’ll suggest you do the following:

Cancel the bank account, and open accounts with a new bank.

Have your name legally changed.

Drop a dime on any mob connections you may have, enter the Witness Protection Program, and get a new SSN.

Just close your Paypal account. You can re-open with the same email address and debit card later.

I had to do that because Paypal will not let an existing account move to an overseas address.

Resistance is futile!

I read the title at first as “God, I hate papaya!”