God Of War for the PC is coming...but can you run it?

As reported here God of War Reveals PC Requirements | CBR , God Of War is being released for the PC in February. I would love to play it, but I don’t think I will any time in the near future due to the rather demanding requirements:

  1. Are you interested in this game?
  2. Where on the spec chart does your machine rank?
  1. Mild interest. I’ve watched a YouTuber play through the entire game already, but it still looked fun.

  2. On that chart, “HIGH”; I’ve got:

  • i7-11700 8 core 4.9GHz
  • GTX 1080 8GB DX12
  • 32GB RAM
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • tons of SSD storage space

So, really just a GPU upgrade away from PERFORMANCE or ULTRA, but that’s probably not happening for quite a while, if only because GPU prices have dropped some but are still insane if you can even find one at that level.

Yeah, I can hit ultra settings (well, I don’t have a 4k monitor, but I do have a 34x14@144 Hz ultrawide that can stress the GPU at least as much). However, I played a bit on PS4 and it didn’t quite click for me. I’m not really an enormous fan of that combat style (really, I’m not a fan of combat much at all, except as the occasional diversion from exploration).

Mildly interested just because I’ve heard so much praise for it. Probably won’t buy at launch (waited this long) but I’ll be keeping my eye on the sale prices.

I have an i7-9700k @ 5Ghz, RTX 3080Ti and 32GB DDR4. Could run on 4k/Ultra per the chart but I’ll be playing at 1440p so I’ll still be on Ultra but enjoying more than 60fps.

The specs don’t seem that extreme. I own an old office Optiplex (i5-4590 - 4 cores, 3,7Ghz boost) with an RX 480 8GB card and 16GB of DDR3 in it that could probably come close or meet recommended settings.

Looks to me like it would meet minimum, as the RX 480 seems to be just a tad above the R9 290X on benchmarks. Are you doing what I do and adding a fudge factor to the requirements? I’ve always noticed that they overestimate them by a bit.

My PC would meet the Recommended preset with its GTX 1060. Depending on the antialiasing, though, I might get higher framerates, as my monitor is 1440x900. (I don’t like larger monitors.) It depends on whether I run at 1080p native or not.

I’m not super interested in actually playing the game, but I do like to test anything that supposedly has higher than normal requirements. It’s just fun to see how far I can push it.

I’m also curious if the performance will be the same or even better as other games that say that the GTX 1060 is the minimum, as they often seem to assume people must have 1080p60.

I own the older games on the PS2/3 and never bothered to play them, but always kind of interested if something like this appears on my format of choice, the PC.

From what I’ve just looked at, it’s in effect God of War 4, which was released on the PS4.

I’m wondering if I can go back and look at the PS3 emulator and have a go on the old ones…

The RX 580 was just a refresh on the RX 480 with some BIOS level tweaks for clock speed and voltage. You can actually flash a 580 BIOS onto a 480 card and get the same minor performance boost out of it. The listed card for recommended is an RX 570 4GB so I have no doubts that an RX 480 8GB would be more than sufficient. Also, mine has a dual-BIOS switch with the 580 BIOS flashed onto one of the settings but I don’t think it’d even be necessary.

You are correct though that they tend to fudge higher for these charts so people are pleasantly surprised rather than mad that their card didn’t squeak through.

I was going to get this eventually for PS4, so, yes, interested.

New PC build this year so I hit ultra on everything except the GPU which hits the actual minimum card listed (GTX 960) . Working on the GPU but as with several posters here, finding that market a bit insane at the moment. Fortunately there’s a local Microcenter so if/when they’ve got stock, prices will be merely bad than ludicrous.

Super pumped. I might actually buy it at full retail price. (It’s on sale right now for like 15% off at one or other of the various game sales sites.)

Looks like my gimpy 1050 ti will just barely clear the bar, so that makes me happy. My monitor can only do Full HD anyway, so I just need 1080p.

I would be in the upper performance bracket with my:
5800X Ryzen
2070 Super

but I know nothing about that game, so I can run it, but will I? :man_shrugging: :

I should be able to run it on High, but I’m not sure I’m all that interested in it. I never played the previous games.