God--omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent? Nah...

Reading Stoid’s thread on evil brought this to mind–is God (if you believe in such things) really omni-everything? The God I believe in isn’t. Here’s why:

Too many of the biblical stores we’re supposed to draw meaning from become meaningless if God is omni-all. Think: God’s test of Abraham becomes meaningless if God knew the outcome before hand. It merely becomes a cruel joke on Abe, making God into some masochist who likes watching us suffer. However, the test does have meaning if God honestly doesn’t know what Abe will do. God’s sweating it out there for a bit (granted the test itself is rather cruel), wondering if Abe will really follow through with the request and sacrifice Isaac. When it becomes clear that Abe will, honoring God’s wishes, God prevents Isaac’s death and all turns out well. But if God knew all along that Abraham would kill his son, why bother with the test? What’s the meaning?

This can also be applied to God’s own son. If God absolutely knew his son wouldn’t fail, would be sinless and would die by crucifixion, where’s the meaning? It’s a sure thing. I doubt Jesus would have had quite the soul searching if he’d have known it was all good. The key here is he didn’t–neither did. It seems to me there was some fear that it wouldn’t work, that the kid would fail, that this whole experiment would go down the drain. After all, what need experiment if you know the outcome? If God does know everything, then we’re all down here suffering for no reason other than God’s cruel. And that’s not my God.

Neither can God be all-powerful. God cannot make me believe a certain way. God can place all alternatives before me, can make one or the other particularly attractive or repulsive, but cannot make me choose one over the other. Cannot force. (Cannot, or will not–it’s moot. The key here is if it will not ever be done, then something cannot be accomplished; hence, not all-powerful.)

Omni-present–that one I’m working on. If God is, what need angels, but since I myself don’t particularly believe in angels, that argument carries little weight with me.

What do you think?

Yes, well noticed. The idea of the Magic Time Traveler God[super]tm[/super] is a recent creation going only back to Calvin.

The idea of God as omnipotent only goes back to George Carlin: he famous point “can God make a rock so heavy he can not lift it” automatically debunks itself of course.

It seems to be a modern problem. It is sort of like the evolution debate – people keep debating it though the argument grew stale and every reasonable person was able to figure it out a long time ago.

Again, a modern day heresy begun by various Protestant denominations. For example, the Catholic interpretation of Jesus’s commandments recognize the validity of Matthew 19:21, while most Protestant sects believe that somehow, at some level, the Magic Time Traveler God[super]tm[/super] comes into play here, making this teaching specific to one individual long since dead, because Jesus used his telepathic powers on this individual or something (well, one of them can explain better).

Not to mention, Jesus wouldn’t have had faith in God since all the outcomes were guaranteed.

Well, that is less important. If God is, he isn’t anywhere in particular except a higher realm.

God is NOT impotent.

What would you do if you were omniscient?

If I were omniscient, I’d be posting on the Great Debates board helping to enlighten the mortals.