God talks To Me,BUT..

…how can I be sure that IT IS HIM?
It seems to me, that if the almight chooses to talk to me, I couldbe wrong. The voice I hear could be:
-the Devil
-some other demon or malevolent spirit
-my own brain (a hallucination)
Logically, how would i goabout deciding whether a massage from God is a real one?
Would logicprovide an answer here?

I bet he’s a pip at working out those shoulder muscles.

If it is in line with the Bible then it is God speaking to you.
Don’t always expect fireworks and big thundering booms…sometimes God whispers.

Listen with your heart.

Ha, my thought exactly! He must have such strong hands…

Is it telling you to do what you wanted to do anyway? Then it’s God.

At least that’s my impression of how the televangelists, preachers and students of metaphysics 101 do it.

You know its god if it sounds like James Earl Jones. Unles syou and James are good personal friends. In that case it’s probley James telling you to pick up the phone on your answering machine.