Goddamn it. Sneezing cat.

Remember Dewey, the Amazing Holiday Weekend Midnight Emergency Vet Cat? (By the way, he eventually started peeing normally although cultures didn’t grow a damned thing.) Well, tonight he’s sneezing. Kind of frequently.

So. What are some danger signs in a sneezing cat? (Surely just sneezing but otherwise acting normally is no cause for another trip to the very nice emergency vets.) My boyfriend says he caught whatever I’m sick with, and I told him he’s a superstitious fool.

Sneezing is most likely an upper respiratory infection. He could be a carrier and the stress of his recent illness set it off or he could have been exposed at the vet clinic. Usually they are not very serious but they can run fevers which make them not want to eat and sometimes they can develop eye ulcers.

As long as he’s still eating, it’s not a rush to the vet emergency but you may want to have him checked out by your regular vet. On rare occasions a URI could develop into pneumonia so it’s a good idea to get him on some meds.

Rarely, sneezing could be allergy related but if he’s sneezing a lot, has watery eyes, purulent eye or nasal discharge, red irritated conjunctiva, bloody snot, coughing or is not eating he definitely needs to be seen.

At this very moment he is eating like tomorrow may never come, so I suppose it’s no emergency. :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on him.

Many years ago I had a Boston Terrier. She was sleeping on my lap while I was enjoying a glass of wine while watching TV. I spilled a little wine on my shirt. And She immediately started to lick the spill from my shirt. I bet she sneezed 100 times after getting at most a teaspoon of vino.

I’d rather hear “snfff” a couple of times than “Acccch! Acccch!” once.

My cat Tikva is a sneezer. She’s been that way since she was a kitten.

I don’t understand why the dog won’t eat whatever the cats yack up. He eats cat poop with aplomb, but I’ll call him over and point at the vomit and he’s like, “What? What do you want?” Why does he think we got a dog?

Oh, yeah. As far as Daisy’s concerned, we have three walking snack bars. But she won’t touch the hairballs…