:: sneeze ::

Okay, for the past two weeks our 4 cats have been sneezing.

We are not talking about “choo” sneeze. We are talking about sneeze, after sneeze, after sneeze. Something you see humans go through.

I sat here staring at one of the cats earlier tonight as they sneezed 5 times in a row. I mean a real, knock you off your paw sneeze attack. Any idea what could cause the sudden allergy attack for cats?

The humans in the house are not suffering what ever allergens the cats are experiencing.

Try saying “Bless you”.

Seriously, if they’re sneezing a lot they may be sick. Are they still eating and drinking normally? If you’re worried, call up your vet and see what he thinks.

Merlin seems to be allergic to kittenlm’s hair. He loves to lay on the back of the couch, and when she sits down near him, he always walks over to her head, sniffs it for a minute, and then sneezes kitty boogers all over her.

Surprisingly enough, she really doesn’t appreciate it.

Short hijack - Hal Briston, what kind of cat is Merlin? My mom says she’s been looking for a cat like that for ages.

Well, since we got him from a shelter, it’s not very likely that he’s a purebread, but he certainly looks like a Chartreux.

I don’t know what causes it but my mother’s cat has sneezing fits like that from time to time. The poor kitty sneezed so much once that he ended up with a bloody nose. Her vet told her to give him benadryl (forget how much-depends on weight I suppose) and that takes care of the problem.

This past monday I was cooking dinner and accidentally knocked a bottle of vinegar off a pantry shelf, spilling a bit on the floor. Before I could wipe it up my curious little kitten came over to sniff at the puddle. She spent the next five minutes sneezing her little head off. She might be more careful of unknown liquids in the future. But I doubt it. :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness - I’m having the same problem with my DOG today. She sniffed something on our morning walk and has been sneezing on & off ever since. BIG sneezes - she keeps clunking her chin on the floor for heaven’s sake! Things seem to have slowed down - I’m guessing she inhaled something that irritated the inside of her little black nose. Poor pup. I tried squirting water in there to flush it out, but she didn’t enjoy that much. Go figure! :slight_smile:

Since it’s all 4 cats sneezing it’s probably more likely an upper respiratory virus than an allergy. 4 cats being allergic to the same thing is less likely. Anything that’s an irritant (not an allergen) is likely to be affecting the humans, too.

Are they indoor only cats?
Are they vaccinated?
Are their eyes watering?
Are they eating and drinking?
Are they lethargic or seem feverish?
Have any of them ever had an upper respiratory infection?

Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis is a herpes virus so some cats can remain carriers and it can recur from time to time. It causes more sneezing than the other upper respiratory viruses. It’s usually vaccinated for in the yearly FVRCP. Calici (the “C” in that vaccine) is another respiratory virus and then there’s Chlamydia, Bordetella and I might be forgetting one.

Anyway … it’s usually a good idea to put them on antibiotics (to prevent secondary infections with the viral ones and to help get rid of the bacterial ones) and some eye medications (some of these diseases can lead to eye ulcers), possibly even nose drops or an antihistamine for the sneezing. The point is, yes you should see your vet.

Please do not use any over the counter human cold medications or NSAIDS.

Its an evil plot by the dogs.

To answer some questions:

All 4 cats are indoor only.

3 of them are upto date on their shots.

No watery eyes.

All of them are eating and drinking normally. None of them are throwing up or anything.

Their activity levels are normal. They still run around the house chasing and knocking things over.

All of them have been pretty healthy.

Loki started it after he came back from the vets office. We had him fixed. The first few days he was home the poor dear almost sneezed himself to death. We figured it was just a cat booger from the dry air or surgery and went about our business. Then the other cats started sneezing a few weeks after that. Now the whole house of cats is having sneezing fits, but otherwise they seem healthy enough.
I honestly can not think of anything we have changed inside the house that would cause this reaction. Unless Loki brought home a cold and they are passing it around.

You know…now that you mention it, the dog isn’t sneezing!

Hal we have a cat that looks almost exactly like yours except she has a medium long hair. When she has been napping somewhere it looks like she has spiderwebs all over her.

Waa, I came in here to commiserate about MY allergies, which have me sneezing and sneezing lately.


Hey feel free!

Thanks but I’m not a cat.