Goddamn Office Fridge Nazis

God-freakin’dammit. Brought up a brand new jar of mayo (expensive freakin’ mayo from Whole Foods) last week. This week, without any freakin’ notice, someone decides to clean out the freakin’ office fridge. No notice, no precedence, no nothing. So now I’m stuck with a can o’tuna I can’t eat without mayo and no freakin’ lunch except for some sugar-free gum.

It’s totally petty but I am so incredibly pissed off at this moment. (and hungry) And I can’t get too pissy at the HR person/office manager ‘cause she’s the one who OK’s vacations. ARGH. How about a little freakin’ warning next time? Ever heard of a little thing called “email”?

Yeah, it’s not the freakin’ end of the world but don’t throw my shit out, bitch. I’m on a budget. I’ve still got the goddammed reciepts for my mayo and I want compensation.

(inarticulate scream of rage)

We have a sign on our fridge that it will be cleaned out every Monday between 6a-7a. I would suggest asking for a warning next time. Sorry about your mayo.

See, I’d be fine with it if there’d been an email or a sign or something. Or even a precedence of cleaning out the fridge monthly. And the fridge did need to be cleaned out, there was really old shit in there. But there was nothing. I just go to eat lunch and I’m freakin’ hosed.

(deep calming nasal breaths)

Sorry, it must have got mixed in with the fourteen to-go boxes that have been in the fridge for six weeks, the milk that would be cheese if it wasn’t refrigerated, the pizza box taking up the entire bottom shelf for a month, and the month’s supply of food for the person that thinks only they need to use the fridge.

Now the notice, I agree with. I’m trying like hell to get my place to follow a “after work Friday, it’s gone” policy. That way everyone will know that if they really want to keep the fortnight-old coca-cola with the tinfoil wrapped around the lip, they should take it home on Friday.

Goddammit. Screw the diet. I’m going to Popeye’s. And I’m gonna expense my freakin’ mayo.

Good luck with that.

In my opinion, the employee fridge s not for people to be storing whole jars of mayo. It’s where you put the food you’re going to eat today.

If everyone used the fridge to store a week’s worth of their condiments, there would be little room left for the lunches people want to keep in there. So, while you have my sympathy in the loss of your expensive mayo, perhaps next time just bring in a day’s worth at a time, or even better yet, make your lunch before you come to work?

I get pissed off enough to kill when someone fucks up a much needed meal. Definitely expense it. Fuckers. And while you’re at it, leave that can of tuna open in the back of a cabinet or something. That’ll teach 'em to take your stuff.

I have a truly evil mind…

Try the decaf mayo…

yeah they were stupid for tossing it without warning, but crazyjoe and I are on the same page here. The communal fridge isn’t for storing groceries, it’s for your lunch, or your breakfast. Keep the mayo at home, assemble your stuff, bring it in and use the fridge to keep it in til you’re ready to eat.

I tend to agree with crazyjoe, but I have left condiments in the fridge for repeated use that haven’t been tossed. However, it was marked with my name; not that I would have cared if anyone used my 97 cent bottle of horseradish mayo or not, but maybe the fact that there was a name on it insured its survival.

But we have a full-size fridge, maybe forty employees, and it’s pretty much accepted practice to keep a jar of your favorite condiments. It’s never been suggested by anyone that that’s not cool.

Anyway, have calmed down by the aquisition of food. Plus, the office manager (who really isn’t a bitch at all, just a little officious sometimes like most office managers) sent me an apology email and left $10 on my chair. And she makes less than me so I’m not gonna take it and feel vaguely bad for getting so worked up over something kinda stupid now. :rolleyes: me

Everywhere I’ve worked someone would usually buy a bottle of ketchup, mayo, whatever, and leave it in there for “community” use. When that ran out someone who used it would just buy some more. It was never official policy or anything but everyone managed to work it out all right without any battles to the death.

To the OP -> You could try going to Burger Joint du Jour and swiping some of those little individual packets of mayo. The stuff at Chick-Fil-A is decent. I hear that it’s okay if you actually eat there sometimes. Be sure to lock it in your desk though, or it might be stolen. Mayo is a hot item you know.

There, there. Feel better, now?

I also don’t understand why people consider the fridge at work to be a satellite to the one at home. I bring in my food for the day and leave with an empty lunch box everday. Bonus is that I never have to worry about how old the mayo is or if someone has left that mayo out all day on a day I wasn’t there and just put it back…things like that.

Our policy…write (with a Sharpie that we have nearby) your name and date of purchase on the item before you store it in the company fridge. Write “For All” if you wish to share with others. Anything not labeled will be tossed DAILY, before closing. Anything labeled will be left in the fridge for one week before being tossed. Condiments and other jarred or contained items will be kept upto the “Sell By” or expiration date. It works beautifully.

BTW: Can you imagine 40 jars (the same size of yours) of condiments in the fridge if you assumed it really wasn’t a big deal, and everyone at work did the same as you? Where would you put the actual lunches?

Serenity now! Serenity now!


Sounds like our fridge (or at least how it was before the 2 food hoarders quit).

They would keep something to “snack on later”, and that shit would have hair before they ever snacked on it. Umpteen different half full dips, drinks, half eaten sandwiches, you name it. Soggy brown salad. Petrified pizza. I hated that crap and gave them no end of grief over it.

But I never threw any of it out. They’d eventually have a cleaning party to make way for a new hoard of crap that would never get eaten.

They are gone now, I just went to look and there is 1 can of Dr Pepper in the whole fridge.

Ten bucks for mayo?

That was nice of her, but don’t feel bad, hunger makes everyone crabby.


Yeah, I could 'cause it’s a small jar (expensive gourmet mayo always comes in little bitty jars). You could easily fit eight or nine on just one of the door shelves. I usually go through a jar a month or so and it’s the only thing I store in the fridge. I don’t like to make it before hand 'cause it’s tuna so it gets icky quickly and I never really know when I’m gonna get a chance to eat (like today, I was at work before 7:30 am but couldn’t get to lunch 'til 2 pm).

But, henceforth, I shall be diligent about writing my name on the lid. (Wow. Now my rant sounds incredibly stupid. I’ve got to lay-off the caffeine…)

I worked at a place where someone stole lunches nearly every day. They finally caught the guy (I’m not sure how) and fired him.

Yes, yes, you’re all very logical and make very good points. But I understand where the OP is coming from. It’s frustrating as hell! Here you think, “good, I don’t have to go anywhere for lunch, I can sit and read the paper or post to the Dope…” And then you get to the fridge and your lunch plans are shot to shit!! It isn’t the mayo per se, it’s the principle. It’s your time and now your plans were changed and you had no control over that change. It pisses one off. Immensely. But she’s calmed down (see above post). It’s just one of those things that gets to you and puts you in a state of grump.