Goddamn women drivers !!

OK, now that I’ve got you attention… :wink:

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I was driving to work, and in a lane to turn right at a traffic light. I was bit late, and probably wasn’t keeping enough distance. This lady in front of me hit her brakes like no tomorrow - as soon as she saw the traffic light turn yellow.

Now, let me tell you something about Amsterdam traffic. YOU JUST… DON’T… FUCKIN’ DO THAT SORT OF THING !! I mean, when it’s almost turning red it’s OK to brake. But NOT!!! when it just turned yellow !! Her husband, who was sitting next to her and filled out the insurance forms with me, also said he would have taken the yellow light and not have braked.

So I crashed into her at appr. 15 kilometers, say 10 miles, an hour. Tried braking, but it was raining and I have no ABS, so I just skidded forwards…

Damn damn damn and now my car has a dented bonnet, a dented bumper, headlights pushed inwards, grill pushed inwards, license plate damaged… estimated damage at least NLG 2.500, say USD 1.100. It’s insured alright, but there’s an ‘own risk’ component of NLG 1000… it’s gonna cost me.

DAMN women drivers !!

Sorry ladies, absolutely no offence intended, just needed to vent. It was a really stupid thing to do of her, even though the law sais you SHOULD brake when the light turns yellow, and even though I’m ALWAYS wrong because I hit her from the back. It’s just that the accident could have easily be prevented with a driving style that was more in tune with the other drivers on the road.

When in Rome… etc.

When in Amsterdam, don’t stop for yellow lights :slight_smile:

I’m going to fill out some more forms now :frowning:


ps. Really, most women drive as good as men, if not better. This one just didn’t :frowning:

“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Sorry… You hit her in the ass, you are at fault.

One time I hit a woman in the rear (while driving, har de har, you’re so funny) in the rain. I was uninsured and driving a tad quick in a car with not the best brakes. I saw my whole financial and driving future pass before my eyes.

I get out of the car, and she (an older lady in a huge boat-like Caddy) is saying it’s the fault of the person in front of HER who slammed on her brakes, which made her slam on HER brakes…

Realizing that this person had NO IDEA that I was wrong, I got her stirred up and we both approached the car in front of her.

I started yelling at her to roll her window down. “Why did you stop like that,” I said. “You made me hit this person! We’ve got your license plate number…” Man, I was good, really pouring it on.

So the light changes, she goes on her way, and I tell the person I hit that we should pull over to the side and exchange information (her car had a tiny dent).

She’s like, “Oh, it wasn’t your fault. I have her info! You just go!”

As I’m driving away, I’m thanking God the whole ride home…

Yer pal,

Awwwwww man !!

I should be so lucky. No really ! Why do I have to hit a lady with her wise-ass husband sitting next to her ??

Anyway Satan, great way to solve a hostile situation - become hostile yourself. Actually, in my case the question “Why did you just stop like that ?” would have been quite legitimate. I wasn’t speeding, my brakes are fine, I’m generally a good driver (no, really :wink: ) and I’ve never taken anybody up the ass. In a car. Har-de-har, we’re funny indeed.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Here in Cincinnati, some drivers are so polite that they’ll come to a screeching halt with no traffic light in sight, simply to let a fellow motorist turn out of a side street. Grrrr.

And then there are the polite drivers on the highway, who upon seeing someone try to merge, takes it upon him/herself to slow down in order to let you in. I was taught that the person coming onto the highway should slow down or speed up to safely merge, while those already on the highway should maintain their current speed, but other drivers think differently. One memorable merge, the guy in the left lane saw me coming down the ramp, and proceeded to slow down as I was slowing down to get behind him. I slowed down some more, and he slowed down even further; I slowed down, he slowed down even further, to the point where he was going about 30 mph on the freakin’ highway! People behind him were making kamikaze moves not to rear end him. I’m sure he was trying to be polite, but I was furious. I kept screaming, “GO! GO!”

I was cured of tailgaiting forever when I got called to jury duty on a rear-ender whiplash case. The wolf in the gray suit wanted $ 85,000 for pain and suffering in a accident that occured at under 2 MPH. It took me three days as jury foreman to convince four rabid jurors that the girl in the little Ford didn’t deserve three years of the other person’s salary for a tap on the bumper that didn’t even make her purse fall of the seat.

Women drivers, no problem.


We all know all about you getting women from behind (or is it in the behind??)
Anyway Cold, that really sucks- but if you didn’t have time to stop, you were following to closely. (No kidding, right?)
No the woman shouldn’t have slammed her brakes, but she might have done the same thing had a person or animal come out in front of her and you STILL would have hit her. Tough break, but you gotta drive defensively (at least in the states)
Your point was well taken, though. In Amsterdam, I’ll drive like I’m on the Dan Ryan in Chicago… Or in NYC :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
At least no one got hurt, right?

Some mornings it just doesn’t seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps.
Emo Philips (stolen from matt’s webpage)

As usual, I have a bass-ackwards version of this story. On my way to work, I made a pretty sudden stop for a yellow light because I have this pet peeve against people who like to think they’re running yellows (but really their worse than that, since they’re often still in the intersection when my light turns green). So I got rear-ended by a guy in a pickup.

The funny thing is, I drive a petite little mid-sized, and he was driving a tank, and I woulda thought his towering bumper would have smashed in my vehicle’s rear. But for some reason, our bumpers were at exactly the same height, and there was nothing but a kind of blackish smudge on my bumper. He, like Coldfire, just figured we’d drive through the light together. I felt pretty bad since I had broken an unwritten law, but pretty good since he’d broken the written law (better than the other way around!)

So we got lucky. He gave me his insurance info, but I never called since I can’t imagine it would be worth it to fix a smudge (my bumper’s already kinda hairy - it’s a long story involving my parents’ narrow, tortuous driveway).

Hmmmm… mixed reactions :wink:

First off, my sincerest appologies once more. Women drivers are by no means bad drivers. IN GENERAL :wink:

Well, I sure wasn’t tailgating, but whomever claims I was too close because I hit her anyway: they’re all right of course. It was more of an expectation thing than dangerous driving: NOBODY would normally slam the brakes immediately after spotting a yellow light at, say, 6 metres distance.

Too bad the other car had ABS, and I didn’t… I had nowhere to go really, could have steered left, but that would have totalled the entire left side of the car since there was cars there.

Anyway, after an analysis of the repair company: this joke is gonna cost me (well, mostly the insurance company of course - but I bet my premium will go up) just about NLG 5,000: some USD 2,200. Holy Moses.

Just because someone didn’t obey the unwritten rules, as Boris pointed out. Problem is, there’s no legal position for that :wink:

And lawsuits like the one described above would not take place here. I once heard a very wise remark: “A jury system is a sign a country has not yet fully developed”. No offence intended, but it has a point. Also, the “I’ll sue you”-attitude seems a bit perverted to me, from a judicial point of view. Again, I’m not trying to be the European Wise-Ass over here… :wink:

Anyway, they’ll re-attach my radiator tomorrow (it’s just kinda dangling there right now) and do the rest October 11. Till then, my car has a rather embarrassingly ugly nose…

I’ll live though. And NO, luckily no-one was hurt, which is of course the most important thing of all.

Cheers, thanks for the support.

Coldfire (still pretty pissed)

“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Boris B sez:

You gotta be careful about not reporting accidents; I got bit once doing that. I was rear ended by a tow truck from a body shop. The damage was minor, and the body shop fixed it for free, so I didn’t bother reporting it to my insurance company. But, apparently the body shop reported it, 'cause when I got my next statement, my premium went up because my insurance comapany somehow found out I was in an accident. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I suffered for it, because in the absence of a police report, insurance companies assume you were at fault (or just accident prone, which to them, is just as bad!).

Grrr, all insurance companies execs should be buried up to their necks at low tide!


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Once, as I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store, I turned a corner, just in time to have some guy in a big van back out of a parking space at an incredible velocity for reverse, and nail me in the passenger side rear. You’d think he’d be watching for traffic, right? If I’m not mistaken, passing traffic has the right of way over people leaving parking spaces. Well, he got incredibly pissed off, because he had torn the covering over his spare tire, something that I could fix with a sewing kit, whereas he had put a pretty sizable dent in the side of my car. He even threatened to sue me. I dared him to try. We exchanged information, and I left. Shortly thereafter, he called my dad (I was still living at home, and the insurance was in his name), and again threatened to sue. My dad said about the same thing I had. We never heard from him again.

Male drivers! Sheesh!

Coldfire’s car wears a bonnet!

You sure have a lot of happy winky faces :wink: :wink: :wink: for someone so pissed.

:wink: <------- this one’s mine.

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

This afternoon, I was on a side street, and a sedan was trying to get into traffic from another street, but it was way too far out. These were the kind of streets that aren’t sharply demarcated, but she was definitely blocking traffic, and should have known that. This car was right in my way, and there were cars on my left, so I had no choice except to stop and wait for them to pass so I could veer away. The car behind me kept honking, but I avoid at all costs cars that look as if they carry more insurance than mine.
Once when I had a friend in my car with me, I let a Jaguar go ahead of me on the on-ramp. My friend couldn’t belive I gave in (he resents anyone who has more $$ than he does, which is a lot of people), but I said, “He’s got the horsepower to get ahead of me, and he’s got the means to crush me financially if he doesn’t.”

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green


I was using the proper English word ‘bonnet’ to describe the piece of metal shielding your engine compartment from environmental influences. I’m 100% sure I used the right word - although you Yankies will call it a ‘hood’ of course - but what other meaning does the word bonnet have ?

Just curious… judging from you giggling, my car wears a tutu or a g-string or something :wink:

Explanation: my working environment is a mixture of Dutch, English, American, Canadian and ROTW people. I get a lot of insights in the differentials between all the English ‘dialects’ over here…some of the jokes are priceless.

Example: An American guy was bitching about kingdoms and all their folklore against me (Dutch) and my boss (English). My boss replied: “At least we only have to get down on ONE knee to worship our head of state”.

Should’ve seen the look on this Democrat’s face :wink:
Laughed my ass off…



“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Actually, some drivers here put bras on the front of their bonnets…to protect it from debris flying up and denting their precious paint jobs.

Well, that’s an idea Lisa. Though I’m sure a bra on the bonnet might deflect some derbis, an Opel Astra propably would have penetrated anyway :slight_smile:

Cold “BonnetBra” Fire

“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)