Goddamned Wild Horses! (Now with pics!)

It’s bad enough that they lurk right out side the fence, from early morning to pretty much all day, completely pissing off the dogs, who go ape shit and bark all day long at them.

C’mon! There are literally a bazillion acres (maybe figuratively, I don’t know what a “Bazillion” is, but literally millions) that they can go south, but NO! Ten feet from my back fence.

Bark. All dogs. Day long. Mix and sort as needed.

But NOW! Those fuckers are breeding! Right in my back fucking (so to speak) yard! Swingin’ horse cock and kicking and struggling. Nature’s not pretty, my friends! Lots of dust, biting and kicking.

Go the fuck away! Or go away to fuck!

There has got to be a way to monetize this. GoPro, subsidize me!

Petting zoo / Urgent care…profit!!!

Can’t you just chase them off? Put rocks in two-liter soda bottles and run towards them making a lot of racket. They’ll run.

Be careful that they don’t drag you away.

I like the mental image of them “lurking”.

Standing on their hind legs with leather jackets on, swigging from a bottle in a brown paper bag, smoking and shouting obscenities at your dogs. As the day goes on they get more drunk and then the equine orgy starts.

Moving this to the Pit like you asked.

So, an episode of Bojack Horseman?

Damn those flowers, blocking my view of the edge of the street! And damn those damn singing birds, masking the sounds of doors shutting and my neighbors arguing! And damn the stars and the moon – I just want to see blackness, and what do I get? Little sparkly thing and a big shiny disc!

It’s part of the ambience. You could, you know, move to a loft in Tribeca; you’ll find very few wild horses there. Reminds me of the folks who moved into a woodsy new neighborhood outside Truckee, then bitched about the deer eating their gardens.

I see fetish porn site moneymaking opportunities galore!

They couldn’t.

This reminds me of the people who have moved into my neighborhood (the edges of a suburb that until 5 years ago was pretty much farmland) and then bitch (on NextDoor) about the rabbits, coyotes, and bobcats.

Personally, I’d *love *to see (and photograph) wild horses.

But they keep dragging me away!

Damn birds. Always chirping!

I’m assuming this is on BLM land so these are BLM horses … so call BLM and bitch at them … call your Congressman and bitch at her … everyday … “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” …

Bitch bitch bitch bitch …

^Actually wondered for a second what Black Lives Matter had to do with these horses…


Are the horses protected in any way?

Do you have a freezer?

Do you really expect breeding horses to take precautions? :slight_smile:

They use horsemeat for less reputable dog food, right? Why not let them get it straight from the source?