Goddamnit, Aldebaran, Lynn Said No Such Thing

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What Lynn actually said.

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See thread title, Aldebaran. This isn’t a language difference, and this isn’t a problem of the written word not conveying meaning properly. This is a case of you quite frankly making something up, and posting about it in the wrong forum (ATMB).

You would have done better to have taken my advice and resolved this via mail (there ARE other Administrators here besides Lynn which you could have mailed) or to have kept to your own word, which you even put in bold text just so we would all pay attention:

Link: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=4709474&postcount=52

Your lie about what Lynn said, or what can even be concluded from what she said, coupled with you going back on your bolded dramatic word in the wrong forum, plus your obstinance in mailing all of the other Administrators and resolving this peacefully and with mutual dignity for all parties, shows that you are behaving like a jerk. IMO.

Oh boohoo. If Aldebaran was “the greatest scum” LB could imagine, then his posting privileges would just be a greasy smoking spot on the floor and we wouldn’t have had to read that self-pitying claptrap.

He’s smug, self-satisfied scum, it’s true, but he’s not that great at it.

Maybe he was talking about where Lynn said this:


He might have thought she meant “Aldebaran is the greatest scum I can imagine.”

I say we organize a Lynn Bodoni -vs- Aldebaran rake-fight-to-the-death charity event. Two tempermental, judgmental SDMB posters enter, one poster leaves.

I can’t think of a bad outcome from this.

Salaam. A

At least you found the right forum this time, idiot.

It seems to me that one party isn’t ready at all to have this explained and settled.

As for your thread title and OP:
If a moderator comes on the board to write publicly the accusation that I made repeatedly **direct threats ** to other members; then even adds to this invention that I was warned twice for this, while nothing of what she claims is true ; adds to this that this makes heer discuss my posting priviledges with the other members of the Staff, I take that that she wants to make it appear that I am the greatest scumb she has ever seen.

You can make of that whatever you want.
Fact is that so far I have no reply on my request for explanation.
You may seek “a fight” as much as you want. I do not waste my time on your childish “flame wars”.

I only want an explanation about something that I was accused of for no reason at all, I want an explanation why I am threatened to be banned for no reason at all and I want to see those “two warnings” about things I did not do at all.

Salaam. A

Sorry, I overlooked this

See above. I take insults like I take them.

You deliberatlely overlook my first sentence of my in that thread at the other forum to make a “point” that is even not remotely one.

I have in this matter nothing to do with other moderators. They were not the ones who posted that remark.
And you once again deliberately overlook my request to the moderaztor posting in that thread what he sugggest I should do to come to at least a decent conversation about this matter.

I’m sorry, but you are " a jerk" whatever that may mean.

  1. You make here a whole new thread to bring a post of mine from an other forum over here.
  2. You do that well knowing there is some unresolved conflict pending and thus knowing you should let the two parties involved resolve it, instead of making it your cause and trying to instigate more discussion then ever would be necessary to resolve it.
  3. Thus you show clearly that you have the intention to make of this issue, that only should be settled between me and Lynn Bodoni, something you would like to see expand itself into some “personal war” between Lynn Bodoni and myself.

I can see that you would enjoy the firework but so sorry… That wont work with me.

Salaam. A

Italics mine.

Aldebaran, if nothing else, Lynn has dealt with people who make you look like a happy fuzzy bunny. If you want to assume that she wants to imply something, go right ahead. Assigning it any real validity, however, is without merit. Lynn was merely expressing clearly in the first part the reasons for the second part.

Indeed, you already have:)

So then you were never warned, let alone twice, or you did not directly threaten any other SDMB member, or what?

By the way:

I suppose, then, that we are all imagining your words here?

With your own post for a cite, you have a fool for a source.

This was the part I meant to emphasize:


I said on that other threat in my first sentence that

  1. I said I would not post until this thing was settled but
  2. the thread in question as it handles about the issue itself, made me make break my own rule, since it handles about the very question itself.

Go take a look at that thread and see what I write there.

As for your question

No I was certainly not in the sense LynnBodoni makes it appear = WARNED in the sense of “official warning”. Not on the board and not in private mail = not at all. See again the thread on the ATMB.

I did certainly not ever do such a thing.

Just that.

Since the things in this thread are settled for me, I am out of here and I shall only post on the thread in the ATMB if there comes a reply from the moderator there.
Of course the complete silence of LynnBodoni combined with my remark that I do not post anymore until this issue is settled is a good way for her to silence me as long as she wants :slight_smile: I am curious how long this is going to last… I’m sure she is oing to miss me.

Until then: Bye.
Or it they find a “reason” to ban me: Goodbye.

For all those who now enter this thread for the sole reason that they like to post somthing they wouldn’t say to others face to face: have fun.

Salaam. A

Why doesn’t Lynn just answer? I don’t think it’s because she is not around (which is perfectly understandable), but I saw a post from her on this board last night.

I’m not trying to cause any shit, but I just think this could be cleared up faster if she’d just answer him. :confused:

Instead of Alderbaran reading into statements and posting about it all over the place.

Lamest flameout ever.

Another person banning themself? Stop the madness! Won’t some one please think of the children?!


“The SDMB! Why get banned when you can ban yourself?

Seriously Aldebaran (my apologies for misspelling your name previously), I never had a problem with you and I read that thread where you made that statement.

Why don’t you just post and forget about it until she answers? She might be busy, who knows.

Dude! :smiley:

Oh, he’ll be back.

Frankly, the little vermin deserved to be banned a*** long*** time ago. He is deliberately obtuse and willfully and unapologetically misrepresents other posters, as he did here. Hell, that sig alone says it all.

He has long been given more leeway that an American with equally ill-informed vitriolic hate for Arabs would.

Don’t you get it, Aldebaran? Lynn is just using your debating technique. Not very much fun, is it?


When you e-mailed Lynn, Aldebaran, did you make sure to put SDMB or Straight Dope in the subject line of your e-mail?

Otherwise, she might have mistaken it for spam.

Aldebaran, the Staff do not operate in a vacuum. They also have real-life concerns that take their time. In addition, they are not required to keep particular hours or respond within a certain length of time.

I tried to head you off the path of destruction in our prior meeting solely because I felt like there was nothing more than a miscommunication between you and the Staff. Why is it my business? Two reasons - first, I felt like you were heading for a “suicide by Mod” which while often fun to watch in this case was silly and ignorant in this case, and second I got tired of seeing your public whining about it and sincerely hoped you would shut up. You chose to put this in the public forum, and therefore it’s open season for the rest of us to comment on it.

You might want to consider that even though it is “the Pit” and even though I have called people a lot worse, the only thing I said is that you were behaving like a jerk. Not a jerk. Small difference in text, big difference in meaning.

Because that was the wrong fucking forum to comment back to you in. Read the front page of the Board.

Incorrect. By continuing your tirades within the community, you are clearly seeking public airing of your grievances within the community. Your comments are fair game for my responses.

First, 3 follows 2. Second, you’re being irrational.

Learn to recognize when someone is using fireworks. If you think my OP was “fireworks” you really haven’t been flamed enough.

Remember - it takes a very large dog to weigh a ton.