Gods, I am so fucked [No Sleep - Long Trip]

This morning I fly to Calgary to meet up with my wife and kids. My flight leaves at 6:15, so accordingly I got up early yesterday, worked hard all day and went to bed at like 10:45, with my alarm set for 4AM, to get me to the airport in plenty of time.
I woke up at 12:30AM and I haven’t been able to sleep a wink since. I’ve tossed and turned in bed, dead tired, but Morpheus must be imprisoned in a magic bubble or something cuz I ain’t sleeping. Tomorrow is going to be pure, unadulterated hell, the only possibility of redemption is if I’m able to sleep on the plane, something I can’t usually do very well.

Oh look, it’s 4AM, I have to get to the airport.

Hell. I’m in hell.

Hope you will be able to get that kip then, Weirddave. I’ve done the air-travel-while-exhausted scenario myself and yep – you’re right: it’s hell.

Safe (and somewhat restful) journey.

Generally speaking I have trouble sleeping on planes too, but I have found that when it is necessary it is much easier than you would think. I was on a plane from Las Vegas to Dallas with some friends when I learned this. We were all spread out and sitting next to strangers so we didn’t have one another for company and I was all of the sudden overcome with this feeling of dread. I just KNEW the plane was going to crash! I didn’t have a friend near by to tell me to calm down and we had already been in the air for half an hour so I couldn’t just get off the plane. I thought to myself, “Self, honestly you are out of options. If you are wrong, which you probably are, everything will be fine. If you are right you DO NOT want to be coherent for the crashing. Go to sleep!” I shut the window blind, leaned my chair back and went to sleep. I woke up when they made me put my seat upright for landing and all was well.

Wow, I sympathize. I suffer from episodic insomnia, and nothing turns me into a raving bitch faster than three or more consecutive nights where I get five or fewer hours of sleep.

The good news (like you want to hear it! :wink: ) is that this too, shall pass. You’ll get some good sleep eventually! Hope it’s soon.

Meantime, try hard not to be too grumpy with Gingy and the boys. I know it will seem like they are doing everything they can to deliberately piss you off, but keep reminding yourself “it’s only my lack of sleep talking”.