God's Not Dead (current movie)

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I don’t find it that shocking, myself - the rituals and practices of any religion last far longer than the lives of its original and important prophets, because going through comfortable and familiar motions is both comfortable and familiar.

Now, if somebody could argue “SCIENCE IS DEAD” and explain that Newtonian mechanics and atomic theory and evolution had all collapsed as a basis… that would be pretty mind-blowing to me.

That’s the action version, with Chuck Norris…

Dean Cain is not a Christian, just a theist:

Kevin Sorbo is a Christian:

Both have somewhat conservative political beliefs:

I watched the trailer, and as much as it ought to make me want to point and laugh, it really is just sad. Especially since I’ve enjoyed Sorbo and Cain (and even the dumb kid from Good Luck Charlie) in other venues. Regardless of their personal beliefs, I have to think this is mostly just desperation for work. :frowning:

Nietzsche actually said something very similar about the “shadows” of religions:

“After Buddha was dead, people showed his shadow for centuries afterwards in a cave–an immense frightful shadow. God is dead, but as the human race is constituted, there will perhaps be caves for millenniums yet, in which people will show his shadow. And we have still to overcome his shadow!” (Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, section 108)

As I said in the other thread on this movie, an actual atheist wouldn’t say “God is dead” in the way the movie uses it (laying aside what Nietzsche originally meant). For God to be dead, God would have had to, at some point, have been alive.

Yeah, but in the movie, the character’s not really an atheist - he believes in God but is mad at Him.

I think that’s almost the definition of an atheist to the target audience of a film that boasts Willie Robertson in the trailer. I’m just trying to figure out how/why Kirk Cameron sat this one out.

I’m really disappointed in Kevin Sorbo, I guess he’s done things like this before and I didn’t notice, but he’s all but ruined the Hercules series for me.

Scheduling conflict. He had a regional Arby’s commercial to shoot.

Pure Filx entertainment is not a film company, but a religious propaganda company. When I worked freelance in post production a few years ago, I had to endure working on “Escape” with born again brat C. Thomas Howell & John Rhys Davies. Basically, C. and his wife move to Tibet to open a medical practice after losing their child. C. ends up being kidnapped by jungle thugs to help cure their leader and preacher Davies is also held captive.

Yadda, Yadda, they get a chance to escape using a SAT phone (brought by ultra rich Davies and not made by any god) and reciting prayer. While escaping, Davies ends up getting killed cause he can’t walk in the jungle without snapping a twig or sneezing, alerting the guards to his own demise. But he got C. to embrace his lost faith, and that’s the crux of the meaning of Pure Flix.

C. escapes, finds wife looking for him with the US government (also no god help here) and all is grand when they return. Open mouth, insert spoon.

If you wanna rent any Pure Flix, Netflix and Redbox won’t have it, but that’s fine for the religious propaganda company-- buy it for $30 and it makes a great coaster for maple syrup. Their films are blasé entertainment riddled with scripture, so the blind can still lead you know who. :wink:

A jungle in Tibet?

Not Tibet, but from history authoritarians like Pure Flix, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s more clearly set in “the islands of Southeast Asia”, so probably the Everglades of Florida.

Here’s the site with trailer: http://pureflix.com/portfolio/escape/

Note the company motto/disclaimer :
"Pure Flix is a Christian movie studio that produces, distributes, and acquires Christ centered movies for the sole purpose of influencing our culture for Christ… "

So calling themselves “entertainment” is an oxymoron. :smiley:

Redbox wouldn’t have a Pure Flix film, but Netflix almost certainly carries them. Why wouldn’t they?

Just checked, and The Escape is indeed on Netflix.

The best I can say about this movie is that, at 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is getting better reviews than Schwarzenegger’s Sabotage (21%) or Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club (17%). But not as good as the big-screen video game Need for Speed (23%).

I’ve always loved The Mission but even going right next door to see Noah - which is neither specifically Christian nor an especially good film - would be an improvement. Ironically they’re probably boycotting that one.

Its opening weekend numbers were strong enough to encourage more like it.

Meaning that the baton of American movie bad guy has been passed from Arabs to atheists.

Am I up to the task of movie bad guy? I guess I could get used to being driven around in an open staff car like Eric Von Stroheim. Actually, that would be really cool.