The stupidest movie of the last 20 years? (AKA Screw You, Filmmakers)


A) From the trailer, the lead (D. David Morin…th’ nobody they got to play the lead (the one with the beard) can’t act. I mean, Torgo from “Manos: The Hand of Fate” has a greater range. (based on the preview).

B) The story looks bad. The premise: Our hero, in the 1880s writes a book about how you c’n take God out of the idea of morality(?). This pisses off the members of some seminary and Gavin Macleod (Love Boat) sends him to the future to see what horrors his book will create. The answer? The terrible future that will be created if you have “morality” without God? That horrific place is…

…our world. :rolleyes:

It looks like the whole movie is our hero meandering around our world being shocked, SHOCKED at our evil. :rolleyes:

And the head-stuck-up-the-asshole idea that things were better 100 years ago is so pathetic as to be laughable. Try being black back then. Or a Jew. Or Asian. Or a woman. Try having no penicillin. A huge infant mortality rate. Limited indoor plumbing. How much you wanna bet that they don’t get into the good things that we’ve got? Or if they do, they’ll only focus on the material things (like cars, etc) and say it’s all meaningless without God.


Well, I’d like to check it out, but first I wanna see Jackass.

I dunno… looks pretty funny to me!

And, dude, it has Captain Stuebing (is that the right spelling?)… can love be far behind?

It’s sounds like a remake of Time after Time, except without Jack the Ripper.

Wow, just think what bad asses we’d be if we’d gotten rid of God a few centuries earlier. Still and all, this sounds like a stinker to be treasured again and again, like Plan 9 From Outer Space and Battlefield Earth. Thanks for the heads-up!

Hmm. I suspect the “90 million American Christians” who are this film’s intended audience will contain -

  1. A large group of people who won’t go to see this because it sounds like crap. (And, worse, patronizing and didactic crap.)

  2. A smaller group of people who won’t go to see this because that cinematograph thing is evil! EVIL! and will lead you astray into drunkenness and random fornication, I say FORNICATION!*

  3. A much smaller group of people who think patronizing and didactic crap is good for you, and will praise it to the skies for its uplifting moral stance, or something.

Somebody is betting on group 3 being big enough to recoup the film’s development costs from them. Either they’re wrong, or the film was very cheap to make. Which would make it cheap patronizing and didactic crap… not a good thing, really.

*[sub]They’re wrong, of course. I speak from bitter personal experience. If films really led people into random fornication, I for one would be going to the pictures a lot more often.[/sub]

This sounds great! I can’t wait to trick my friends into going to a “comedy” about “time travel”.

If you loved Kate and Leopold… :slight_smile:

My best friend’s parents are born-again Christians (to his chagrin.) He asked them if the’d seen Left Behind. They said they had watched it at home with some friends.

So he asked them what they thought of it. “It was terrible,” says his Dad.

“But I thought you believed in all that end of the world stuff?” says my buddy.

“Yeah,” says his dad, “but it was still a terrible movie.”

Uh-huh. People NEVER lied, swore or stole in 1890. On the other hand, we don’t have an infant mortatily rate of 150 deaths per 1000 like they did back then, but at least the infants died without having had thier ears soiled by naughty words.

And stealing and lying! Well! Imagine! Did you know that there’s not a SINGLE incidence of theft in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF MANKIND until the idea of theft was invented by Dr. Julius Swipe in 1943?

It was part a daring plan to take out the Nazis, by taking things that didn’t belong to them! Of course the Nazis would have been thrown into turmoil by this daring new invention, but alas, it wasn’t perfected until 1947 when Dr. Swipe took a candy bar from a baby, leaving only a single thin dime. Later, he perfected the idea by removing the “leave something in return” part. :rolleyes:

And don’t even get me started on the whole “Lie” thing (invented 1952 by Professor Nathan Forked-Tongue, a Native American expert in lingistics as part of the effort against the Commies in the Cold War.


The whole infant mortality thing seems like a strawman. The whole point of the movie seems to be that life was nicer for everyone back then as far as politeness and morals went and doesn’t say anything about medical technology or other stuff.

The movie looks dumb enough without attacking it on points it doesn’t seem to be making.

BTW, if Dr Julius Swipe doesn’t turn up as a villian in the next NOLF game I’ll be very disappointed.

I think it’s great that Richard “Pliers” Rhiele is getting near top billing :).

Nah, he swiped the idea from the Nazis–that whole Poland thing.

I’ve got to disagree, Fenris, I’ve seen the reviews, and the critics are RAVING about this movie:

I just read some reviews off Rotten Tomatoes. Oh man, this looks great! It’s a live action chick tract!!!

I am so going to get my sister to watch this. That’ll show her for not coming to The Bourne Identity with me.


Those were not real reviews of this movie. The real ones are probably much worse.

So when is His4Ever gonna show up and talk about how great this sounds?

I think the infant mortality thing is a valid argument but tangental at best to the real problem with the views. That is that we haven’t degenerated. People are more aware of what other people are doing now and as a result it looks like more bad stuff is happening but it is merely a mistake based on the heuristics the mind uses to avoid real thinking. Since we see lots of reports of amoral behavior there must be lots of amoral behavior everywhere.

It looks like it may be fun to watch on video but I don’t know if I’d pay to see it.

The only reason I did not walk out of that movie is because I was (literally) on an airplane.

Your standards are higher than mine. When my inflight movie was “The Story of Us,” the flight crew had to hit me over the head with a briefcase to get me to stop trying to jimmy the door.

I hope the lead character wanders over to ground zero in New York City to see how wonderful God-based morality is.

-scratches movie off must see list-

Thanks for spoiling the ending, jackasses :slight_smile:

P.S. The phrase random fornication makes me think of people trying to stick their penises into various objects/orifices. “Ouch, watch out for the Limburger cheese!”