Godzilla getting US reboot

But fear not, Roland Emmerich and Matthew Broderick aren’t involved.


Yes, I saw that one. It was called Cloverfield. [del]I think that’s about as close you’re getting to successfully “reimagining” the Godzilla mythos for a modern zeitgeist.[/del] (Edited for protection of the Jung)

Best case scenario: we get another tuna head for a suitimation Godzilla to slay in about fifteen years.

We will see. I am not hoping for much, but I may see it.

WHAT?!? AGAIN?!?:smack:

Some people never learn…:mad:

I’ll see it. I’m a sucker for Godzilla movies… I just hope that they give him the personality he had in the old Japanese movies!

I guess it will be a gritty remake, which means we’ll see a lot of footage of Godzilla in his volcano lair, brooding and looking grizzled. Also he will have a drinking problem.

History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.

Must they ruin my childhood idol more?

If he sings C&W songs, I see an Oscar in his future.

That’s a lot of fish.

Since Japan is in the Pacific Ocean, can we NOT have Godzilla go after the eastern seaboard?

Seattle. Please. Some people would get off on seeing Godzilla attacking Microsoft and Starbucks corporate HQs.

Don’t forget the strained relations with his ex-wife.

Amen. Watching New York get leveled over and over again is getting pretty tiresome. Plus there’s no way to do it now and have people not thinking your trying to invoke 9/11.

Maybe it can live in the Great Lakes and go after Chicago. No one (except for the occasional eggplant) ever destroys Chicago.

I think we’ve discussed this before, but the reason that New York City gets attacked so often is that the buildings are recognizable throughout the world, much more so than Seattle, Chicago or Los Angeles. As for this movie, I agree with Ranchoth; Cloverfield was basically a modern reimagining of the Godzilla story (minus the atomic war origins).

Godzilla vs. Corporate America! May the best monster win!! :smiley:

Hm, better than the Reno, Broderick and Azaria one? I found that one really entertaining, but it was trying to be a serious movie and that’s not how I was viewing it.

Well played, sir.

San Fransisco’s got the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, Lumbard Street, the earthquake memorial tower thingy and the general distinctive topology. Probably not quite as universally recognizable as NY, but close.

Plus watching a city known for its liberal politics get leveled by a giant dinosaur ought to appeal to a certain sectors of the movie going public.

(bolding mine) You mean Coit Tower? Nothing much to do with earthquake memorials, in actual fact.

I, for one, would love to see my beloved SF leveled by a prehistoric atomic lizard. Could they arrange to have the creature step on our mayor? They’d better hurry, though, he’s angling to move to Sacramento.

And the TransAmerica Pyramid, too, in San Fran. That’s at least as recognizable as the Chrysler Building, and more so than the Empire State Building.