*Original* Godzilla coming soon to the US.

That’s right, the orginal Japanese version. No Raymond Burr.
Uncensored, Uncut, Undubbed.



While later movies in the Godzilla series were known for their juvenile, campy approach, the original black and white Godzilla movie from 1954 was a serious, suspenseful movie. The allegory of a fire-breathing monster destroying Tokyo couldn’t have been lost on the Japanese, where U.S. incendiary bombing had destroyed most of the same city only nine years earlier, killing eighty-three thousand people.

That probably means no subtitles either. Oh well, it ought to be cool. I’ll see it if it comes anywhere near my city.

No, it doesn’t. The 2004 release will have English subtitles.

I’ve had a copy of the riginal, non-Raymond Burr Gojira with English subtitles for years. On VHS. And I know that other Dopers do, too. It just hasn’t been well-advertised/.

Yes, but it will be in theatres (probably none near me :frowning: ), not just on VHS/DVD.


I been looking for a copy for years. Still ain’t found one.

You got a lead? Please?

actually, I’m pretty sure this means that when the DVD comes (which isn’t right now, but will definitely come later. It HAs to!) it’ll be a Criterion release. Given that the bulk of Rialto’s other product is Criterion. And as we all know, ‘Criterion is the hallmark of quality!’

(actually, if I had to own a re-release of this, I’d want it to be Criterion. Without being elitist, that’s the least the film deserves!).

El Gene-o!


Does ANYBODY have a lead on where I can get Gojira? :frowning: :confused:

tried ebay?
If you lived near SF, you can rent one and copy it. I’m not sure where my copy wandered off to, but it wasn’t an original copy.

I got my copy at a store called Anime Crash in Harvard Square (in Cambridge MA). You might try them. Tokyo Kid, also in Cambridge, has an incredible collection. See this site: http://www.geocities.com/chrisjkoch/kaijuvid.htm
Also a couple of weeks ago someone posted a link to the seller of a Gojira video or DVD on the SDMB. Can’t recall who.

My copy, unfortunately, doesn’t have any distributor’s name or address on the side.

No; that would be a copyright violation. However, if the Japanese movie is being released in the U.S., won’t there be a new DVD edition?