Godzilla's size?

Is it ever stated exactly how big Godzilla is supposed to be, in terms of height and length? Was he/it the biggest movie monster ever portrayed when he debuted in 1954? I know he was a lot bigger than King Kong, but I’m not sure how much bigger.

According to the lyrics of the 1970s animated series, he was “30 stories high.” If a story is ten feet (and, is a story ten feet?) that would make him 300 feet tall.

I’m kind of thinking he’s a size 1200 (loose fit jeans, of course).

Actually, a story can be anywhere from ten seconds to ten minutes. Just depends on who is telling it.
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In King Kong Vs. Godzilla they were approximately the same size.

I go with “damn big.”

His size increased and changed over the years. Keep in mind he started only the size of King Kong and I believe has maxed out at nearly 300’.

Somebody on Wiki loves Godzilla:

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In Godzilla 1954, there was a mistranslation where Raymond Burr’s character said G was 400 feet tall. He was actually about 50m tall or 164 feet (he didn’t tower over Tokyo’s 10 story buildings).

He stayed this height until 1989’s Godzilla vs Biollante. He was moved up to 100 meters so he wouldn’t be as dwarfed by skyscrapers in Tokyo, Osaka, etc. Back in college, I made a home page for Godzilla and have these stats from my various sources.


Height 100 m (330 ft)
Weight 60,000 tons
Shoe Size 22.5 m (74 ft)
Leg Height 41.5 m (137 ft)
Tail Length 140 m (462 ft)
Arm Length 22.5 m (74 ft)
Fist Size 11 m (36 ft)

From 1989-1995 (the Heisei Series), he remained that size.

In late 1999, they restarted Godzilla, but reduced his size to 50M in Godzilla 2000: Millennium. It was easier to make more minature models at that scale. Perhaps this was due to the mid-90s Gamera movies, whose effects were superior to Godzilla movies and one reason was the 50M scale.

He stayed at 50M until Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004.

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According to my copy of GURPS Warehouse 23, Gojira is currently 60 stories tall, weighs 50,000 tons, and displaces 74,000 cubic yards of seawater. It further states that Gojira has been involved in at least one attempt by timetravellers to alter history, making the creature’s origins and history very difficult to discover.

You really got to give credit to the Secret Masters who convinced people that the big G was just a work of fiction.

Here is another site for GURPS stats for the big G. I tried to get access to former Doper godzillatemple’s site but it appears to be down

Using the 30 stories/100 meters (approximately equivalent) figure, I’d say at least double that. Jeans sizes are the circumference of the waist in inches, and typical humans have a waistline of about half their height. Given that Godzilla appears to have a higher girth-to-height ratio than a human, a 2500 inch waist doesn’t seem unreasonable.

I suspect that this is something only Mrs. 'Zilla needs to know.

No one has pointed out how in the gawdawful Devlin & Emmerich version his size kept changing during the course of the film! One minute he was the size of a building, the next he (she?) could fit thru a subway tunnel.

Roger Ebert mentions this in his review:
How, for example, does a 300-foot-tall creature fit inside a subway tunnel? How come it’s sometimes only as tall as the tunnel, and at other times taller than high-rise office buildings? How big is it, anyway?

What the hell are you talking about? There was never an American version of Godzilla! Certainly not one directed by D&E, and starring Mathew Broderick and some sitcom stars. There were rumors one was in production, but it was so awful it was never finished, and certainly never released. Never happened.

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I don’t think so . . . Kong (until re-engineered for a Godzilla movie) was never more than 40 feet tall. Godzilla, according to Hubzilla’s research in post #11, started out at least four times that height (and grew from there).

The same way Captain Nemo in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had a submarine the size of a modern aircraft carrier that could slip unnoticed into Venice by sailing, submerged, through the canals (during Carnival, in July :rolleyes: ).

In this still from the film King Kong vs. Godzilla
Godzilla is only a little taller than Kong.
I was not basing my post of facts however.
Just memories of watching all the “classic” Giant Monster movies as a kid.


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