Gofundme mooches

My husband has cancer, and it’s an unusual variety. We’re trying to raise some funds via a gofundme page in order to afford treatment as the costs have drained our savings down to the last nickel, and there are so many people getting far more money than we’ve managed for things like cameras, sewing machines and trips to Disneyland.

I just hope karma finds these selfish people who’ve preyed upon others to fund frivolous things when I’m, hoping to afford treatments that will keep someone alive.

You should post your GoFundMe in MPSIMS; we Dopers generally like to help each other out, generally. :smiley:

I can confirm Snowboarder Bo’s impression. Please send a pm to the mods requesting that they allow you to post the link. This is a lovely and generous community.

I am sorry for your husband’s condition, and I hope you can raise the money that you need.

On a side note, I can’t really get behind your pitting here. Those could be all friends and family of the people buying the cameras and vacations, just using gofundme as a handy way for folks they know to get them something.

In any case, as Bill Munny said, “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.”

I feel badly for your husband, and wish him and your family well. But to rip into people and wish ill-will of those who have had more success raising money for what you have determined to be non-worthwhile causes seems a bit unfair.

I notice a lot of money is raised on crowd funding websites for people with ailments, but keep in mind its 100% voluntary, anyone has the right to ask for money for what they want, and others have every right to offer money for whatever “causes” they feel like contributing to.

I hate to say this, but I’ve noticed a lot of this passive-aggressive attitude by spouses of cancer victims lately, that the entire world needs to stop and cater, hand on foot on them and give them special privileges over others. Here’s an annoying recent example:


Right before he wished them into the cornfield…

He also said, “we all got it coming.”

So I guess that’s an endorsement for Gofundme?

What a spectacular piece of shit you are for posting this.

No you don’t. You’re a troll and you enjoy every minute you spend posting your inane thoughts here.

I agree. There are people dying in Africa for lack of a $200 water filter while teenagers here spend twice that on a phone that is primarily used to take selfies.

I hear you. I used to be an asshole too and felt exactly the same as you when I was young single and extremely selfish.

I still remember when I used to get mad that my boss used to give my secretary (a single mom) the afternoon off whenever schools let out early or she got a call from the school saying her kid was sick. I mean for fuck’s sake, I did not go to law school so that I would end up doing my own photocopying. Then I had a kid and I wondered “How the fuck do single moms do it?”

WTF is wrong with the OP, its just cancer, amirite? I hope you never have to find out if having cancer is really as bad as all the whiny cancer patients make it out to be.

I can’t figure out if you’re for him or agin him.

I third the suggestion to put the link here on the SDMB. Quite a few nice and generous people here.

That pretty much sums up my feelings too.

Pretty clear Damuri is being sarcastic. And, yeah, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to take pause at russian heel’s comment.

I agree. I feel this is the case with most of the campaigns you see on the site. Someone posts to their social network that they’re raising money for X, and their friends and family are donating towards that. I don’t think it’s random people going to gofundme and donating to random people. That probably happens some times, but I’m pretty sure the vast majority of donations are from people who already have some sort of relationship to the person raising money.

I have a friend currently doing a gofundme site for her daughter to go to Europe on a student tour this Summer. Well, her daughter is doing the site, Mom is just doing some shilling for it. But it isn’t any skin off my back, once in a while the request comes through my facebook feed for me to ignore.

I went and checked and its a bunch of her relatives that have donated to the tune of couple hundred dollars. In other words, exactly the people who when I was growing up would have sent you a $20 bill in the mail for your trip. These are people with a huge circle of friends, and their daughter is no where close to getting to Europe off a gofundme campaign.

Gofundme generally annoys me when I’m made aware of it, otherwise I tend to block that shit out.

I should start a site called GiveMeFreeStuff.com


Especially in light of this bit of privileged whining.

You are a hateful bastard and I hope you step on a lego in your barefeet.

High school reunions, Facebook, and GoFundMe. Three places to avoid when you’re going through tough times.