GoFundMe: Please help me turn my cat into a tripod.

I posted this thread about my cat’s need for an operation to remove his leg. I’m going ahead and the op is tomorrow. It’s drastic but necessary for his quality of life. He has a nasty fungal infection on his “ankle” and it’s not a good place to treat.

He’s a very good cat and I think he will cope well as a tripod. Please visit his gofundme page and share it. Lots more details a biography of The Dood and pictures :slight_smile: Note there is an update.

I have mod permission to post this. Thanks mods :slight_smile:

Link to GoFundMe Page:

Thanks and d’oh. it’s been ages since I missed a link.

Update, please. How’s the little guy?

From the GoFundMe page:

The Dood is a very handsome cat. I hope he does well.

Awww…I’m so glad. :slight_smile: I did see that update on the site, but I’d like some more gushy-mushy, warm-fuzzy details from the OP (when he has a moment).

Donation made. Best of luck for a happy outcome.

I just read your long update on the site. Poor Dood getting stuck outside in the rain! Awww… So glad he’s doing well. What a great guy. And his owner is a pretty neat guy, too. Many hugs to your whole two-, three-, and four-legged family. :slight_smile:

I tried to post on the site, but it wouldn’t let me, and I was too lazy to try to figure out why.

Thanks Thelma Lou, and Sunny Daze. Not such good news today. He had his stitches out at the vet and about three cm nearest his bum hasn’t closed properly. It seems he did do some damage with licking them dammit. The good news is they reckon it will heal on its own. The bad news it will take two to three weeks, he’ll have to be shut up in one room again and he’s been sent home with a bigger cone. Poor cat, he’s feeling very sorry for himself again.

PS I’m a she :slight_smile:

Glad your feline family member is recovering. A big surgery like that is going to have some bumpy roads, regardless of the species.


Thanks to you to :slight_smile:

Great news. A couple weeks will be over soon and Dood will be on the move again. Keep us updated.

Yes, please keep us updated. I will be thinking about you and the Dood every single day.

Sorry, I got your gender wrong… did I miss some clues/pronouns somewhere along the line? :wink:

I’ll do another Gofund me update real soon. Meanwhile he’s back upstairs shut in the bedroom. He’s been all about the sleeping and the cuddles. Little Quinn has decided she’s going to be shut in with him I hope Maxie’s not feeling left out :slight_smile:

I like having a gender neutral first name but it can be awkward online :slight_smile:

Update posted.

Oh dear. Poor guy. Did the doc put him on an antibiotic or anything?

Yes he got another long acting antibiotic.

New Update posted. He’s free of the cone at last and things can start getting back to normal. Just how weird they got you can judge by reading the update :wink:

So happy he’s doing better.:slight_smile:

Thanks for that detailed (and hilarious!) update. SOOOO glad Dood has been de-coned! I was nodding all the way through your descriptions of cats demanding to go in/out especially when they’ve been stuck inside due to rain.

One of mine goes to the back door and looks out, and you can tell she’s furious at the rain. She turns in a huff and runs to the front door. “What!! It’s raining there, too!! No way!” There is a definite causal connection between rain and a case of the Indoor Zoomies.

Have a wonderful holiday and many snuggles with your furry family.