Goin' Back To College

I dropped out of college back in 2000 to pursue other things. Well, I’m going back for Spring Semester 2003 and I’m wondering how to get back in that student mindset. Can I honestly get worried about doing papers and homework again? Anyone else done the drop out-go back thing that could give me some advice? Help me, Obi-Wan Dopers, you’re my only hope!

Why worry about tests and papers? Who needs the stress.

Just put in eight hours of solid effort per day, five days per week, and don’t waste time between classes.

I’ve been out of school for 25 years. I’ve gone back this semester and I don’t worry about “papers and homework”. I’m going back because I want the information, the knowledge, and the stuff I can do with it. I’ll do the “papers and homework” because that’s the way to get it. But if you aren’t hungry for it, what’s the point?

I went back this semester after 7 years out. Don’t let anyone lie to you - it’s tough to get back into it. I’ve put far too much work into a tiny paper that’s due tomorrow, and I’m still not finished. But it’s worth it to me - all the stress I’m already putting myself through, the lowered standard of living (because I left my job to do this full time)…all of it. Because I want to be there.

If you want to be there, you will care about those papers and exams. If you’re paying for it yourself this time around, you’ll care even more. Getting back into the student mindset is tough, but just being around other students helps - but don’t let them distract you so that you’re not getting your work done.
Ok…now I remember why I wanted to do this. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get this paper finished now. Because I do want to be there and do well.

Thanks a lot, all of you. It’s just going to be hard shifting from “just goin to work and payin the bills” and then being free to having to study, and write papers, and do homework and such again.


Yes, I still dislike him a lot. This paper would be so much easier if it was 20 pages instead of 2-3 (yes, this much effort into a 2-3 page paper). Information found…now I just have to fit it into the limits.