Going #1 and #2

I went to a New Year’s party and loaded up on food and drink (I was putting away the sparkling cider alone). After a while I needed to use the facilities and since there were so many people, I urinated only. However, as I was, I felt an urge to defecate as well. Obviously, I didn’t because of the people waiting. However, I noticed I couldn’t empty my bladder completely. So, party ends, I go home and use my bathroom, I defecate and it seems as if the dam broke as I was able to empty my bladder. Anyone else ever experience this? I’m not asking for medical advice, but I want to know if there’s a mechanism that cause the body to eliminate all waste at the same time?

The muscles down there are all kind of connected together. It’s hard to relax enough muscles to urinate while still holding the other side closed.

BTW next time, forget about who’s waiting and do what you need to do.

But be sure to carry kitchen matches with you at all times for just such an occasion.

No doubt! This absolutely works!

That’s what is known as the “pee-poop equilibrium.”

Anytime I have a party, I always make sure the bathroom is stocked with plenty of TP, a can of Glade or Febreeze, and some burning candles with a book of matches next to it… just for these sorts of scenarios.

I usually don’t care how long it takes me to go #2 if I’m at a party at someone else’s place, it’s that I’m usually uncomfortable about creating that sort of “atmosphere” for the next sap to walk into.

As they say, “Home is where you can poop.” Although I’m not sure who said it, may have been me!

As to the OP, What CookingWithGas said. Also, the colon is very close to the urethra. If you’ve got enough bulk down there, it might compress the prostate/urethra enough so as to cramp your style, as it were.