Going back where I came from

Because it makes me by doing this:

“Thanks for posting your message, Rysdad! We are now sending you back automatically to this topic. Please wait two seconds.”

Why do I have to go back to what I just read? Why not just send me back to the Message Board header and let me continue browsing?

The reason for it is so that you can see just how badly you screwed up the post/html etc.

This is Progress?

t lion

" I Wonder What Happens When I push THIS Button? "

And also so that you can see the brilliant post being written at the same time you were writing yours but posted 2 seconds earlier, saying the same thing, but much more clearly and much more well said and with more detail…

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Shound’t this be under “About This Message Board?” It’s lonely there as it is… Throw it a bone, will ya?

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