going bald.

how do you guys cope with hair loss?
I’m 37 and still have head full of hairs ,but I’m affraid when the hairs start to fall off I will go crazy.
The problem is I’m full of complexess,still single and little bit shy ,so I can not imagine being bald ,DISASTER!! :eek:

I’m 36 and just statring to thin. I’ve been taking Propecia for the past four months and I"ll take it the rest of my life if it works for me.

I just don’t worry about it too much. I’m definitely thinning, and have recently consciously gone to shorter haircuts 'cause long hair looks goofy when you’re balding. The most successful seducer of women I know (well, OK, maybe #2) is a short, rotund bald guy with a beaming personality.

A few words of encouragement:

Sean Connery
Bruce Willis
Ed Harris

Bald, bald, bald. And I’m sure my female friends would add “Hot, hot, hot”.

I started thinning some time in my late 20s I guess (34 now), just started buzzing it shorter. No drugs, no comb-over, no trying to fool anyone, just keep it to 1/4" (shortest guide on my trimmer).

Look at the advantages:

It’s cheap, you save a fortune on haircuts, no more “bad hair days” or “bed head” and you can take a shower and dry off in minutes.

Best thing you can do is get in shape… the more ripped the better. Then either shave your head entirely or crop it very close. It won’t matter if you’re bald. :wink:

Many women see baldness as a sign of strength and virility.

However, if you’re really interested in keeping the hair you have today, i’ve heard good things about daily Minoxidil treatments (3-5%) combined with dandruff shampoos containing zinc (i.e. Nizoral).

You don’t have to use the overpriced Rogaine either, you can get the same stuff at WalMart et. al. for a fraction of the cost.



Some guys are really bothered by hair loss…if you are one of them, then I would suggest that you consider using one of the well-known drugs for preventing baldness. Apparently, the sooner you start the better; my sons started at the first signs of thinning, as baldness is prevalent in my family (I started to loose my hair in my 20’s, and am a bald - not “thinning” man)

However, there are upsides to being bald, as have been mentioned above. I’m not sure I would go for a full head of hair if offered a magic wand…personally I prefer the convenience of baldness. The biggest downside of my lack of hair on top is that the top of hte head is very subject to sunburn, and cold. I learned that bald men wear hats out of necessity rather than for appearance…at least some of us…

For Propecia users, how has it worked out? Are you getting new hair growth, just slower hair loss, or no results at all? Any side effects? Are your results justifying the expense? For many men, Rogaine has been a disappointment in both regular and extra-strength formulas, and even when it works it usually only affects the crown, not the hairline. I have read that Propecia generally gives better results, but it doesn’t work for everybody either. What’s the definitive word?

I’m 35 and have a significant bald spot on the crown of my head, and the hair in front has thinned a lot in the last 6 months.

I’m not worried about it - I’ll probably be at least Patrick Stewart-bald (bald on top - hair on sides) by the time I’m 40. The only thing I’m concerned about is having hair styles while I’m in the transition phase that don’t look like I’m trying to hide the thin areas (ie, bad combovers :slight_smile: ) but yet don’t emphasize them either. I don’t want to go bald yet, but I figure I’ll go ahead and shave everything once it starts looking really thin.

We in GQ have incredible amounts of hair.

You need to poll all the bald guys in IMHO.

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I grew up watching my dad try every dang-gum crazy folklore hair-preservation technique, without success. I figure I’ll just let nature take its course.

Can I just say that balding is sexy, and get over it? Every time I see one of those hair-replacement commercials, I find the Before picture much sexier than the After picture. Balding is caused by testosterone, you know. You’re just excessively manly. :smiley:

We cry, dammit.

Then we ask our sexy wives to perform acts of unspeakable nastiness on the temple that is our bodies.

Then we refuse to participate in long-term experimental hormone therapy. That’s for rich folks!

As someone who’s been there, whatever you do, don’t do the comb-over. It’s kind of like the alcoholic who thinks no one knows he drinks. :slight_smile:

When it’s gone ,

It’s gone!

Kiss it goodbye and live with your newfound freedom.

No more haircuts, no more dandruff, no more headlice?

Just watch out for sunburn.

God has decided you should be bald.

Don’t fight it. *Embrace * it!

Shave that head!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: pfft - I started thinning when I was 19, so f*ck you!!! :wink:

Go with the hairstyle that guy in the “New thin-crust Dijorno Pizza” commercial sports. Yeah, that’s the ticket - do that. snicker
Nahh, I’m with spooge - shave that dome clean.

D’OH - I’m with spooje, too.


I once told a friend of mine, who was seriously balding at 30, that I wasn’t worried about losing my hair. His response: “Easy for you to say, Mr. No-Male-Pattern-Baldness.”

It’s just hair. If it stops growing, I can stop getting haircuts. Yay! Now, if there was a way to sign up for baldness such that it stopped growing out of my freaking nose and ears, I’d be at the head of that line, man…

Now I remember ,that my 80 year old father still has great hair no balding in any way, so maybe I’m going to be OK(DNA ,genes stuff).One thing pisses me off with all the hair,nose hair!!They grow inside and grow some of them are realy long and black. :eek:

I’m going to side with the people who said that if you’re going bald, don’t try to cover it up…embrace it. Shave it down really close, or at least go with a very short hairstyle. I have nothing but respect for Andre Aggassi, Bruce Willis, et al who have just said “I’m bald and I’m still hotter than liquid fuck.” :smiley:

Oh, and remember this joke: Bald men are lucky, because the more hair they lose, the more head they get. :wink: