No. Not yet. I can't be losing my hair. Please God...

So I step out of the shower, comb my hair. Then I look closely. And what do I see? Scalp.

In between each little follicle is clearly about a millimetre or two of scalp. I can see the curve of my head.

Frantic rationalization. It’s just because my hair is wet. My comb is too thick and it’s spreading the hair out. My hair has just been cut short and when it gets longer it’ll look thicker.

I can’t be losing my hair. I’m only 19. Please God and Goddess, my face is the only thing that makes up for my body, please, not yet…

my dad would tease me.

no, please, no. not my hair. not yet.

Aw, relax. You’re a cute guy. You’d probably look pretty sexy bald.

Just one woman’s opinon.

I can think of some actors and singers that look much better with less hair. Ben Folds, Keith Allen, Jason Statham etc.

Matt - get the Arrogent Worms CD that has the great mock evangelist’s song about hair loss…

I need help for my scalp…
(Miracle… follicle… miracle… follicle…)

::: ducks and RUNS :::

Eh, I’ve been watching my hair fall out in clumps for weeks. I know what you’re going through. FTR, I’m not even old enough to drink legally in the States.

Welcome to the club mon frere. No comb overs now or we’ll have to hunt you down and kill you.

It’s actually an exciting new world!

Jump into the shower scrub, shampoo, shave, jump out towel down and…Oops! Can’t forget to dry, comb and gel your hair. DOH! That’s right you don’t have any. At least a three minutes a day saved off your busy life. 18 hours a year (a whole day practically!) to spend as you wish contemplating life’s little mysteries.

Me too. 25.

Ah well. Could be worse. I suppose.

Matt, I sympathize. Same age, same problem, similar “CRAP!” reaction. This isn’t supposed to happen for another ten, twenty years… gaahhhh! Hang in there, brother, and know that others suffer, too.

Join the Bald and Beautiful Revolution!!!

As soon as I hit twenty, it started to go…
Thus explaining why I went from having hair almost to my waist to a shaved head.

Thinning hair is HOT. Whole new categories of women will begin chasing you merely for your increasing personal attraction.

Repeat that every day until you believe it. It’s true.


Absolutely. Women will be queuing for that testosterone.

Mr Eve, although somewhat more advanced in years than your good selves, is gracefully acquiring a higher forehead. I am now trying to persuade him to take the lot off. Trust me, it’s sexy.

BTW, I’m a straight female. So I’m not real interested in what women think about thinning hair. Any way to comfort me through this?? No, didn’t think so.

Silver Fire, your hair is falling out in clumps? Are you stressed (I think I remember you saying you are) at the moment? Severe stress and anxiousness can cause hair to fall out. Most of the time, it will grow back just fine (think Neve Campbell), but in very rare cases it’ll be gone forever. However, I know several women who are bald (by choice) and one woman with this medical condition, and they’re all fantastically attractive. Think about it, no hot hair on a warm summer day, and you can get a couple of different wigs and look different every day.

I’m off to dig up some links.

And Matt (and the rest of the balding men out there), I have one word for you. Razor. Sexy as hell.

From this site:

Hope this helps a little.

All that hittin’ your noggin on the headboard will take a toll on the hairline after a while…

Thank you, Soda. I don’t remember anything specific happening three months ago, but I lead a very stressful life, so that could very well be a factor in it. Another theory I’ve heard is that my poor diet (read: I don’t eat) may have have a hand in this. Lack of protein or something.

Poor diet will CERTAINLY take its toll. Take a good multi-vitamin. Eat well. The suppliment Choline/Inositol seems to be especially good for falling hair.

And your hair is falling out in clumps? That happened to my sister years ago (when she was about your age) because of her incredibly crappy diet. It grew back when she cleaned up her act and started, like, EATING again.

I’ll look into it, and thank you.

Sorry for the hijack, matt. But hey, it was educational!

Good luck with your head. :slight_smile:

I think my hair is thinning slightly. It’s left me with a bit of a creepy widow’s peek. That, combined with a prominent forehead and a habit of keeping my head tilted downwards, makes me look a tad evil.

Don’t feel bad, Matt… would Professor X be complaining? :smiley: