Going rates for tutoring?

An acquaintance of mine has asked for help in biology, and would like me to tutor her (I have a Bachelor’s degree in physiology and I’ve done LOTS of bio courses of every kind). I’m not sure what the usual rates are for that sort of thing - all tutoring I’ve done in the past was organized as volunteer stuff through my school.

So how much do tutors go for these days? I’m thinking about charging $25/hr but is that too high? too low?

Well, I make, oh, $5.75 an hour, but it’s through my college and I’m surprised I get any money at all. You should definitely ask for more than that.

$25.00/hr sounds about right to me. That’s what I charge.

Generally, between 25 and 35 if you have a degree, depending on experience and such. When I tutored, I used to charge more for the first hour of the session, I think 15 or 20 and then ten after that, but I was still in college at the time.