Going to meet David Wilcox tonight!

My church has a performing arts program where we do a variety of concerts, invite a variety of performers and groups…and tonight we are presenting David Wilcox (the American one) who is my favorite folk musician. Now I try to be a good little fan, and not get all giddy. I’ve been to five of his concerts, and didn’t even TRY to say hi to him afters…but tonight, I not only get to meet him, but have dinner with him afterwards! I cannot think of a single topic of conversation that doesn’t come across as too stupid to ask!

I’m in charge of all the food for the reception afterwards, but this time (because the concert is a sort-of thank you to me for doing all the food for a few years) I’m not allowed to be down in the kitchen doing final prep like I usually do…I actually get to sit through the concert! So of course I have fourteen thousand things to do before the doors open at 6:15, and I’m really, really getting nervous. We’re hoping for a great turnout, and I’m hoping my volunteers don’t burn anything while I’m out of the kitchen!

Oh, and I’m hoping I don’t make a complete and total fool of myself. I mean, it’s not like he’s George Clooney or Phil Collins…it’s his music I love! But still…if I can manage to look stupid, I will…

That’s great Kitten. Hope you enjoy your evening!

It was a wonderful concert. Unfortunately only about 75 people showed up. I’d almost say thank goodness there’s a funeral today, becasue we had a ton of leftover food! The music was great, the crowd was enthusiastic. We didn’t go out to dinner as planned because…well, long story…but we ended up sitting at a table in the corner of the hall with David and his parents , sharing a plate of sushi and reception goodies…not as much fun as going out to a bar for real food and a much-needed drink, but it was fine. He sang for two solid hours.