Going to New York City. Need pizza.

I’m a pizza addict. Being that this is the case, I continually hear that I have to have pizza in NYC or I “haven’t had pizza.” I’m going to NYC tomorrow to see my cousin-- but mostly to eat pizza. So, pizza snobs, where should I go?



Famous Ray’s or Original Ray’s?

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge towards Brooklyn. Then cut back under the bridge to Grimaldi’s.

Grimaldi’s is great, no question.

But an even more authentic experience – old Italian piemaker amidst mismatched newspaper clippings and religious paintings on the ancient yellowed 60’s-era panelled walls – can be had at DiFara’s in the heart of Brooklyn. This place has been getting well-deserved raves for years.

See here for details:


You might want to start where your cousin scores. I mean gets pizza. Probably some no-name place within a block or two.

You can go to the Village and get a slice at Joe’s on the corner of Bleeker and Carmine (I think. It’s by a plaza off of 6th. I think spiderman 2 filmed there) then go down Bleeker a block or so to John’s and get some coal-oven pizza and wine.

I like Mimi’s on 84th & Lex, too. Up on 1st, 2nd, 3rd ave in the 70’s and 80’s you can walk 10 blocks on each of those avenues and hit half a dozen pizza joints, each with good pizza.

Welcome to Pizza Heaven!

*I just learned Joe’s closed and now it’s Abitino’s?

Abitino’s is good too, but you have to have it just shy of piping hot.

I just wanted to mention that I was raised in NY but moved to California 20 years ago.

This thread is killing me. Who can fedex me a pie?

This is killing me too, I used to run a pizza place in CT, just across the NY line. In heaven there is no beer, but in CA, there is no pizza. You could also go to Arthur Ave in the Bronx. Pizza and other Italian delights abound.

Of course, I haven’t tried NY pizza yet, but Zachary’s in Berkeley is pretty darn good, methinks.

Lombardi’s is great. It was, I believe, the first pizzeria to open in the United States (in 1905).

It’s at 32 Spring Street.

When come back, bring pie. :smiley:

2nd vote for DiFara’s. It’ve very easy to get to, only one or two blocks away from the Ave J stop on the Q.

Lombardi’s… it’s good, but its no DiFara’s. It certainly is more centrally located, though, I’ll give it that. Plus, nearly across the street is the bizarro-world dessert place that only sells rice pudding (as briefly featured in the movie “Hitch.”)

I’m always in lower Manhattan, so a recommendation for these would be nice to file away.

I second this. And if necessary third it. Grimaldi’s makes the greatest pizza.

Eh, make that brick oven. Cheese on the brain.

If you want coal oven, you can go to the aforementioned Lombardi’s. I think it’s one of the few places with coal because it was grandfathered in before it became illegal.

Totonno’s in Coney Island (also very good, but it’s in Coney Island) is also coal, I believe.

There was an article in one of the papers today about how the cost of a slice of pizza has mirrored the price of a subway ride.
Just remember, a ‘regular slice’ is a slice of thin crust, cheese pizza.

Now I have Staying Alive stuck in my head.

Now, now, folks. This is the Straight Dope. First, we must take a few moments to peruse this fascinating History of Pizza.

Then, I would heartily recommend Goldberg’s Pizza on the Upper East Side. It’s infamous, owned by a Jewish family ( Jewish Pizza??!! ;j ). Delicious- and a very unusual menu of pizza choices. Heh. Heh heh heh.