Going to Orycon

In a little over a month I’ll be heading off to Orycon(Oregon Science Fiction Convention)25. I’ll enter the Hospitality Suite around 7am Friday, Nov.14 for the setup, and will probably stay there until everything is packed away on Monday morning. Anyone else planning on going?

Again with the bragging?

Ah, I remember my first SF convention. WorldCon '82 in Baltimore. Good times…

My first Con was Rustycon 1, back in the early 80’s. Robert Aspirin was the GOH(he was still involved in the MYTH series back then). Went to three or four of those, a few Norwescons, three Westercons, and have been showing up at Orycon since about 1988. It’s fun to have a bunch of best friends you only meet once a year! :slight_smile: