Going to Quebec city in a couple of weeks

Just not sure for how long, its going to be on the week of July 1st , have not decided exactly when I will hop in the truck and boogie, but have questions on exactly whats going on that weekend.

I’m going to be taking the camera and its mostly going to be photo tourism, so at the very least, the citadel is going to be on my must see list.

What else would a shutterbug like, that either might be happening, or is photogenic.

Do the folks in QC mind the odd guy with a big honkin camera and lens taking shots that they might appear in.

If i think of any more questions, I’l ask.



I don’t think people would mind much, it’s a tourist town.

The old city is where you’ll find most of the good stuff.

The plaines d’Abraham will give you good landscape pictures.

If you like pictures of churches, there’s more than a few.

I have no specific proposals for you but
The people are nice, girls are beautiful, city is amazing, IOW you will have a great time
This is my favorite place in Canada
Oh wait I do have one, there is a spectacular water fall across the river from the main city


Awesome, i realize that its a big city, but how is parking. As well whats surface transit like and whats an adult bus fare.


Parking’s not bad in most of the city. In the old city, it might be more of a challenge.

In the old city, you walk. You’d be lucky to find parking. In the denser area of the city, buses are alright and there are few traffic jams. Bus fare is by electronic card, something in between 2.5$ and 3$ per trip.
Where will you be staying?
What kind of photography most interests you?

I figured the old city would be a challenge to find parking. So using surface transit is going to figure prominently, i have not decided where i would be staying yet, i figured on just checkin into a motel in the burbs that has transit access.

Since its going to be the long weekend time frame monday might be the earliest i could simply walk in to a motel with a good chance of vacancy.

So i might simply leave on the Sunday an hope holiday traffic is not that bad.

Im a generalist, so this will be mostly an urban photo shoot. Do they have those double decker tour bus’s with the open top deck?

As well, whats it like in the old city if you want to splice the main brace.


Is the funicular still running in Quebec City? I remember riding one when I was a child. If so, it should provide good photo ops, as well as wonderful things both top and bottom. Unlike the Duquesne Incline in Pittsburgh, which offers great photo ops, but little to do on the top or the bottom.

Query on my own behalf (sorry, Declan). How necessary is a good knowledge of French in Quebec City? In Montreal, some shop people were kind enough to let me struggle along in my high school French, but most immediately went into English when they heard my atrocious accent. What about in QC? I can still read French well enough, but my speaking and listening skills are not good.

No double decker buses.
It’s a French Canadian city, you’ll be ok booze-wise.
In the touristy part of the city, English-only speakers are common. Shopkeepers are highly unlikely to be rude because you don’t speak French (you speak money, that’s good enough for them).

As for talking with locals, it would really help if you can say (in French) something along the lines of “Hi, I’d like to ask you something but my French isn’t very good. Could we speak in English?” If someone responds rudely to that, he’s a cunt anyway. What may draw a negative reaction is giving the impression that you automatically assume the local will speak to you in English. To some, that has an imperialist vibe.

Funicular: Next to some waterfalls is it? Yeah, I think there’s one. It might be closed because it recently malfunctioned.

The falls are not in Quebec City, but close by. Here is a link to the park site. BTW, they are even better looking in winter, all frozen up.

No problem, its probably a question I might have asked anyways


The funicular in the city has the top next to the Chateau Frontenac and the bottom at the Petit Champlain. There are stunning views for sure.

The whole upper and lower city and citadele area is very walkable, although the climb up the hill can be tough.

You can possibly park at the Université Laval and either take a bus or walk (though it’s a bit of a long walk; I did it after a day of wandering and a concert on the Plaines, so it’s doable) towards the Citadele, the Plaines and Parliament, then wander down St-Louis (look for the cannonball in the tree!) and explore the upper city (around Carré Place d’Armes IIRC?).

Walk down Côte de la Montagne and enjoy the fun views and zig zag there (then imagine going down it on ice skates, à la Red Bull Crashed Ice, as that’s where it’s run!) and either go towards the port or take the steps into the Petit Champlain. Wander around in the lower city and visit the shops and museums and then take the funicular back up to the Chateau.

In the evening, go see the Moulin à Images. I saw it for the 400th anniversary of the city, and it’s spectacular. I have a feeling an urban photographer like you will appreciate it!

There’s usually interesting stuff happening at the Market or along the Old Port…there are all kinds of facilities that opened for the 400th and are still used.

Enjoy the city!

Lol its beginning to sound like this trip is going to be titled part one.

Bit of a follow up question, where do you pick up the transit cards, in a station like the TTC or a third party vendor.


Most dépanneurs (corner stores) have it.