Recommend Some Quick 'Must Sees' in Quebec City


In what appears to be a fruitless attempt to get a Citroen XP onto the North American continent (because US Customs won’t let it in enter via NY harbor), I’m once again heading up to the Great White North (with the friend who ‘owns’ the car).

Fortunately, this time I’ll have 7/31 & 8/1 to myself and I wanna know what I should see & experience in Quebec City (other than the inside of the bars which I saw plenty of last time).

All Suggestions Will Be Carefully Considered. Also, if you could be so kind, please give me an idea of your suggestions proximity to the Hilton International Quebec (i.e. walking distance or cab ride) so I don’t have to pester the concierge.

Thank you … or shall I say, Merci!

It’s been a while since I have gone to Quebec City, but among the place I remeber liking, there is the Citadel , the artillery park (you’re lucky, the dates you’ve given indicates that XVIII[sup]th[/sup] recreationists will be on location), and there’s the Old Town of course.

In early August they are probably getting ready for the famous Winter Carnival where the mascot is the arctic living cousin of the Michelin Man.

Just joking of course. I’ve never been to Quebec City.